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'When Calls the Heart' news: Daniel Lissing's next project revealed

Daniel decided to move on from the show and details about what he is doing are here.
The fans of "When Calls the Heart" are still in shock over last night's finale when Daniel Lissing's character Jack was killed off. The cliffhanger the week before made it look like that would happen, but nobody was really sure that they would go through with it. Blasting News shared last night that Daniel made the choice to leave the show on his own, but now the fans want details. It turns out that he does have another project he is working hard on right now. What is Daniel up to now? Parade recently did an interview with Daniel Lissing and he shared a bit about what is going on with him. He is turning a short film that he wrote into a feature film. This is called "Answers." Daniel explained that he is doing it, but it isn't easy. He said, "It is happening. Writing a script is hard, I’ve discovered. This particular project and what we’re trying to do is unique. When you’re writing something that is truly original it takes time. I won’t say we’re perfectionists, but we’re...