It's been a year since fans last saw their favorite aliens. The CW series "Roswell, New Mexico" returned on Monday with the premiere of its third season. The series has already received a fourth-season renewal. The episode begins where season two left off with Max Evans, Michael Guerin, and Isobel Evans made the discovery of a man named Jones who happens to look just like Max. One of the biggest mysteries for the season revolves around Jones and the knowledge he has about their home planet. Fans get to spend the season determining if he can be trusted, if he's truly the savior as he claims, or if Michael is right to distrust him.

SpoilerTV teased descriptions for the upcoming three episodes of "Roswell" which hint at an angry Michael, a Max and Liz confirmation, and Maria's visions.

The premiere episode, simply titled "Hands," set up everyone's storylines for the season which is a clear indication that fans have a crazy ride ahead. The characters are in relatively happy places with Michael happy with his closest two friends, Maria is exploring her psychic abilities, Alex is happy with Forrest, Isobel is dating a bartender, Liz is in California, Max is spending his last days the best he can, and Kyle has taken on the role of advice-giver to all of his friends. Their happiness is short-lived, as most things are on "Roswell," after Max reveals that he's dying, Maria gets a vision of a funeral that hints at murder, and Forrest leaves town after revealing that the organization called Deep Sky is trying to recruit Alex.

'Roswell' season 3 spoilers

During the "Roswell, New Mexico" Comic-Con virtual panel, showrunner Chris Hollier teased a cryptic set of clues including radios, Counting Crows, love, bats, little alien figures, and a little bit of hope. Showbizjunkies covered the news with spoiler highlights from the virtual panel. The showrunner also teased that this season will feature a flash to the home planet of Isobel, Max, and Michael, which will fill in some of why the aliens ended up in Roswell.

Season three will also feature flashbacks back to the '40s and '60s as well as cameos and references to the OG “Roswell” which Hollier wants fans to pick up on themselves. "Roswell, New Mexico" previously flashed back to 1947 last season. Due to COVID, the showrunner noted that fans can expect the season to be very cast-focused thanks to not being able to have many guest stars or add in other characters.

However, Hollier assured that romance can be expected despite regulations (against kissing) and that they found creative ways to keep the romance alive.

Liz Ortecho left in the finale of last season after accepting a job in California and that's where she is a year later. Liz has settled down in her new job and has kept her primary focus on saving Maria whose brain is deteriorating every time she has a vision. During the Comic-Con panel, Jeanine Mason shared that Liz is pretty deep into her science and into saving Maria with help from great equipment and colleagues. As for new characters, Liz is accompanied by "Roswell" newcomer Stephen Krueger (from "The Originals") as Heath who has been revealed to be a brief love interest.

Mason also shared that Krueger helped her make Liz funny and romantic while teasing that Liz's heart is still in Roswell and assuring that Liz will return to help complicate things. The actor added that Liz loves the complications and taking care of her friends, going on to describe her as being a hero through and through.

Fans can expect more 'Roswell' romance

Lily Cowles dished during the panel on Isobel's current romance with Blair the bartender, though she admits that she doesn't see their relationship as an endgame for Isobel Evans. As reported by Showbizjunkies, the actor shared that she thinks the relationship is wonderful and that she feels like Isobel has a lot of catching up and exploration to do after getting married so young to someone who turned out to be so terrible.

She went on to describe Blair as being this open cool chick that helps Isobel have some fun and while not much was seen onscreen, she feels a lot happened off-screen between the two. The relationship was hinted at in the premiere episode during the dreamscape between Isobel, Max, and Michael. Cowles went onto say that it's important for Isobel to continue exploring and feels that Blair will always hold a magical place in her heart.

Malex (the shipper name of Michael and Alex Manes) is a fan-favorite couple on the show, so it's no surprise that the Comic-Con panel addressed if fans can hope for the two to work things out during the new season. Michael Vlamis shared that he personally believes in the couple and that he's hopeful for it to work out while teasing that his character Michael Guerin has evolved a little past the point of not believing in hope and feels that even he's hopeful.

He continued with that he feels that fans can be as hopeful as Guerin is right now for the future of Malex. Tyler Blackburn added that the relationship between Guerin and Alex has been intense in both a good and bad way, before going into how the relationship Alex has with Forrest was something that was important for Alex to have.

He went onto say that Forrest was a great influence because he allowed Alex to be himself and to be bold with his clothing style even changing in reflection of that with Alex dressing similar to how he did in high school. Though Blackburn added that he feels like there's still hope for Malex, to which Vlamis agreed with 100%. The last two seasons of "Roswell" have had plenty of major Malex moments so it's safe to hope more are to come.

Chris Hollier teased in an interview with CBR that he was excited this season for the core couples of Liz and Max, and Michael and Alex, and for fans to wonder how or if these couples can get their stuff figured out and what that would look like if they did.

What's to come next on "Roswell"

Nathan Dean Parsons is playing double this season with his leading hero Max Evans and mysterious new alien, Jones. Parsons shared during the panel that he was excited at first to be able to bull ride which is a brief scene in the premiere until around take fifteen. He described how he had to spin around where the camera was and had to throw his lines over his shoulder, stating that he fell off the mechanical bull once, possibly even twice, by the end of that morning.

Fans can also expect Rosa to be pulling herself up, according to Chris Hollier who shared in an interview with CBR that Rosa will have her biggest storyline to date this season. Fans can hope for more sibling dynamics and romance as was seen last season.

One of the biggest storylines this season is Maria's vision in the premiere which hints at murder to come in later episodes. Heather Hemmens dished on what's in store with Maria DeLuca as she continues to explore her physic abilities which include a little bit more romance. Can fans assume this romance will be with Gregory Manes who appeared to be interested during the premiere episode? Maria is starting to think that maybe she can control her abilities which Hemmens teased will be sending Maria on a quest to determine what triggers her visions and use that to determine the mysteries behind what she's seeing.

As obvious from episode one, Kyle Valenti has become the guy that everyone turns to for advice, and Michael Trevino commented that for him personally, he loved it because he got to be involved in everyone's storylines. He shared about how he got to work with someone different every day. Though from Kyle's point of view, he noted that the man is exhausted having to help everyone and that to Kyle this is his family and he'll do whatever he can to help them with whatever problems exist.

The CW has released a description for the next three episodes which was shared by SpoilerTV. The second episode “Give Me One Reason" will pick up where the first episode left off with Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Michael (Michael Vlamis) confronting Jones (Nathan Dean Parsons) who gives them information about the past which will help in their search for a way to save Max.

Maria (Heather Hemmens) was attacked at the end of the premiere episode, during which she received a vision that confirmed a murder will happen which will drive her to extremes to prevent it. Elsewhere in the episode, Liz must face her past. Episode three “Black Hole Sun” reunites Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Max when she confronts him while Maria continues to work on solving her vision and Isobel continues to understand more about her abilities. Elsewhere in the episode, Kyle (Michael Trevino) has a weird encounter and Michael is driven by his rage. The fourth episode “Walk on the Ocean” finds Maria and Isobel teaming up on a trip to uncover more answers while Kyle receives a message and Michael makes a discovery that's disturbing.