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'Splitting Up Together' season one, episode four review

Despite predictability, Jenna Fischer's television comeback is a must-watch
Spring is the season that typically signifies a sense of a new beginning and growth, and the new TV comedy "Splitting Up Together" sort of delivers on the idea of a new beginning, but not so much on the growth aspect. The series stars "The Office" darling Jenna Fischer and the brother from the famous Hudson family, Oliver Hudson. Their characters, Lena and Martin, have been married for twelve years, but have lost their spark and have decided to divorce. To the surprise of absolutely no one in their inner circle, the couple decides to attempt living together and trying their hand at co-parenting, and zany hijinks are bound to ensue. 'Splitting Up Together' actually puts a tired idea back together Upon hearing the news of Jenna Fischer's return to television, I was absolutely ready to watch the show until I saw the previews. It's incredibly easy to quickly dismiss the idea of "Splitting Up Together" as a "tried and true" sitcom plot; you can probably name a TV show or film with the idea...