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Yet another valued artwork by Tiepolo spotted in an attic

A rare drawing by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, titled 'A Large Group of Punchinelli,' is discovered in the U.K.
How many times can a renowned artist's work turn up in attics? Last year, the 18th-century painting, "Portrait of a Lady by Flora" by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was discovered in the attic of a French chateau and sold at Sotheby's for $3.1 million. Now comes another Tiepolo find -- a pen and ink drawing titled "A Large Group of Punchinelli" [puppet characters] that was also ferreted from an attic, this time in an English manor house. Reportedly valued at $270,000, it goes on the auction block on Nov. 16. Reasons why Whether in France or England, this artist's works got stashed in a belfry by all appearances. Why? Why would high-valued pictures by a famous artist be kept out of sight? I posed this question last year when Tiepolo's "Portrait of a Lady" was discovered. Reuters surmised that the woman's semi-nudity made it too risqué for its time and that it was an embarrassment to see it in anyone's living quarters. I didn't get around to saying this at the time, but Reuter's rationale is...

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