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Concert hall’s blazing dome is like a ‘sun on the earth’

The walls of MSG Sphere will brighten East London with one million light-emitting diodes
Another health hazard, have you heard? Besides pesticides and second-hand cigarette smoke, to name a few, there’s “light pollution,” and Londoners have reason to fear it. What is 'light pollution'? Consider MSG Sphere, an ultra-luminous, extremely tall (364-feet) dome set on a concert hall planned for Stratford, east London. Residents worry that its one million light-emitting diodes will disturb their sleep. How can Londoners fear a building before it’s built? Residents in Las Vegas, where a similarly humongous domed concert hall debuts this year, relayed that when the lights were tested, the effect was “like a sun on earth,” said resident Billy Cline. He told The Guardian that he could see the shimmering dome from his balcony two miles away and felt the explosion of light like shock waves he tagged “light pollution.” Cline said he felt this ill-effect especially given that the bedazzling surface of the dome will also be streaming videos and advertisements. It goes...

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