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Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase October 2020 recap

Take a look at what's coming to the Nintendo Switch with this year's final Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.
This October 28, Nintendo surprisingly broadcasted another Direct Mini: Partner Showcase and it seems it will be the last one for the year according to the announcer. Despite the scale, there were some surprise announcements made during this online event including cloud versions of "Control" and the upcoming "Hitman 3" heading to the Nintendo Switch. Below is the full Livestream followed by a recap of each video game announced so buckle up. The Livestream The recap "Bravely Default II" - A new trailer dropped for the upcoming RPG that broke down some of the characters and their classes in combat. These include the Bard, Vanguard, Beastmaster, and Gambler. Nintendo also revealed the release date: it's coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. "Story of Seasons: pioneers of Olive Town" - This 'Harvest Moon' style title will make you leave the big city to take over your grandfather's rundown farm and restore it. You'll resort to logging, renovating, planting new crops, and...

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