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The feminist case against space exploration and settlement

The evil, rich white men must be stopped before they look for new worlds to conquer and ruin
One of the persistent facts that run through the history of space exploration has been the opposition of the political left to the concept. In times past, the phenomenon has featured leftist politicians who railed against money being spent on NASA that should instead, in their view, be spent on social programs. However, the rise of commercial space entrepreneurs has been accompanied by the emergence of a new kind of leftist opposition, coming from the feminist left. These are not feminists who hold with the reasonable and straightforward view that women should be treated with dignity, respect, and equality. The brand of feminism being expressed is an ugly one, then defines masculinity as something evil, to be repressed and opposed at every juncture. Space exploration and efforts to settle the high frontier are the results of patriarchal privilege that is evil and destructive, in their view. One singular event that has triggered some of these feminazis, as Rush Limbaugh once aptly...