Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", tempers flare as Finn demands an apology from Liam for getting his girlfriend pregnant. Hope and Steffy try to figure out how to move on, and Thomas conducts a search on the internet to verify his suspicions about Vinny. Everyone is trying to be cordial, and Thomas wants to get to the bottom of what Vinny has said to him.

Finn demands an apology

At Spencer Publications, Finn confronts Liam and expresses his anger towards him. Liam tells him that he doesn't need to be Steffy's bodyguard and that he's not going to interfere between him and Steffy.

Finn smirks at him. ''The fact is you can't help but put yourself in the middle of these two women. I'm putting a stop to this. Steffy deserves better and frankly, so does Hope. They both deserve better than you.''

Liam is apprehensive about the doctor's input. Finn states to him that if he'd ever felt regret, he'd stop hurting them. Liam is not interested in getting a lecture from him. Finn continues with his speech. He is certain that a new person could give Liam a clear understanding of what he's put Steffy and Hope through.

Finn is unimpressed with Liam's apologies to the two women. He demands an apology to his face, man to man. Liam tells him that he is sorry and that he knows what he has done.

Finn hopes that Liam is sincere, and wonders if he'll ever be able to look at Steffy's child and not think about the fact that he or she isn't his.

Hope makes a promise to Steffy

Steffy tells Hope that she already loves her unborn baby. She regrets hurting her and Finn. Hope comments that it is admirable of Finn to stand by her side, despite being hurt.

She remains stoic. ''I'm happy for you, Steffy,'' she says. She imagines how difficult it must be for him. Steffy asks Hope to not resent her baby. ''I could never resent an innocent child. Promise,'' she replies. Steffy thanks her. Hope gets emotional. She says that she is trying so hard to be strong for her family, and she does not know if they could get through this situation.

''How is Liam and I going to survive this?'' she ponders.

Finn tells Steffy that they were robbed

Steffy is now alone in the CEO's office. Finn returns to see her. Steffy wishes that there was more that she could do to make things right. Finn asks her to forgive herself. He reminds her that the baby is more important than her shame, Hope's anger, and his disappointment. Steffy is amazed at how much he cares for the baby, even though it isn't his. ''My child or not, I will always care,'' he reassures.

She knows that it is not easy for him. Finn really wanted to be a father. He accepts her baby without resentment. He reveals that he went to see Liam, to make him understand what he did. ''We were robbed, Steffy.

This should be our child.''

Thomas does some research

Thomas talks to himself aloud while thinking back at Vinny's words. He begins to do research on his laptop on paternity test results. He doesn't understand what he is reading, but he wonders what Vinny has done. Hope overhears him as she enters the room. ''Thomas, you okay?'' she asks. Thomas closes the laptop and confirms to her that he is alright. She asks him what is going on with Vinny. She questions if he is in some kind of trouble. Thomas hesitates, ''It's just that sometimes Vinny doesn't think before he acts. It's probably nothing. I'll get to the bottom of it.'' Hope tells him to let her know if she can help.

Thomas witnesses Hope and Liam's broken relationship

Hope begins to tell Thomas how things have been with her. Unknown to them, Liam arrives and eavesdrops on what she is saying to Thomas. She talks about her meeting with Steffy and how Liam probably doesn't understand how difficult this is for her. Liam steps forward. ''I can't say I blame you,'' he says woefully. She tells him that she can't hide that she is completely gutted about Steffy having his baby. Thomas offers to give the couple some space to talk but Hope tells him that he doesn't have to leave.

Vinny is questioned

Alone, Thomas tries to reach Vinny on his mobile. Vinny arrives at the same time. Thomas asks him what he meant by what he was saying earlier.

Vinny replies that he was just being a friend, by being supportive and encouraging. He presses Vinny about why he would thank him. Vinny appears to be stunned about being accused of something. Thomas demanded an answer. ''Did you change the results to make it seem like it's Liam's baby?''