Cyber villains attack every system in the hospital in this week's Episode 10 of “The Good Doctor” for Season 4, “Decrypt,” on February 22. After the dark, depressing, and downright silly detours in recent storylines, the medical drama returns to what it does best-- focus on saving lives and feature the cast and characters with within themes of inclusion, acceptance, relatability, and full humanity, flaws, and all. Freddie Highmore takes the helm as the director and Dr. Shaun Murphy in this utterly satisfying episode.

Just as the cyberspace criminals threaten to rob patients of their lives by their misdeeds, the storyline in this installment of “The Good Doctor” reminds the audience that every life has divine qualities and purpose, unique to every person.

Sometimes, that destiny is deferred by poor choices, unforeseen circumstances, or trying to be something or someone other than who one is meant to be. All of those aspects weave through this superb outing.

Medical terrorists and a transplant darling on 'The Good Doctor'

Caley Versfelt portrays Jamie, a young woman who has Down’s syndrome and difficulties with her health due to a fatty liver. It's no wonder why Hollywood affiliate ABC 13 profiled the aspiring star in a February 23 feature. The buoyant actress admits that she's “very dramatic all the time,” so her role in “The Good Doctor” truly allows her to blossom. Besides honing her craft, Caley is a swimmer for Special Olympics of Southern California, in a job program with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and a global ambassador for the Best Buddies program.

Jamie’s only option for life in the future is a liver transplant, and without a computer system connection, the search is more arduous. Like others with special needs and disabilities, Jamie has worked hard to be independent and doesn't want to sacrifice that freedom. Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) and demonstrates her best qualities of empathy (She does have it, and in this one, she shines.) and extra effort for her “most compliant” patient.

Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) instructs that all the team’s energy goes into finding a liver, especially with typical procurement methods off-limits. Jamie describes that she can’t even pray, since someone else has to die for her to live. As always, “The Good Doctor” delivers human dimensions like no other among medical TV Shows.

Lea (Paige Spara) shines as the one-woman “shero” with all the talent to take on the cyberspace crooks, but hardly any time. She and Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) butt heads over making any deals with the dark-siders. Viewers welcome the return of the veteran Schiff back to vigorous form on “The Good Doctor” after his recovery from his virus ordeal. Lea has 24 hours to save St. Bonaventure Hospital and spare thousands of lives dependent on medical equipment and imagery. There's a lot to love about seeing this side of the character on “The Good Doctor.” For once, fans see Lea as fully dedicated to her work as Shaun. She suits up in sterile surgical gear to make a “clean room” and a cleanup a potentially malicious update.

She discovers that no “bot-worms” have infected the system, but she has to race against time to get the system rebooted properly. She battles both Glassman and Shaun over the value of respect. When Shaun brings her favorite sandwich as an entrée to allow him to chit-chat about his “difficult patient,” Lea counters that “The Good Doctor” would never interrupt Glassman in the same way. Shaun obsesses over food not being permissible in surgery at first, but when he declares to his love that “you fix problems. I respect you,” it makes for one of the best love-connection moments between the two, without a stitch of clothing being removed. Knowing gazes carry all the intimacy possible, on the deepest level.

Robbed respect by a triathlete on 'The Good Doctor'

The difficult patient that “The Good Doctor” refers to is Cort Graham (Kurt Yaeger). He comes to the ER with an excoriated lung after collapsing during a race. He still has all the swagger of an elite para-athlete, but he also has a secret. He was never treated for cancer, as his life story relates. The chemotherapy drug that would have prevented a procedure proposed by the team has no trace in the racer’s body. He claims that cancer made him stronger, but the truth is that he never had cancer. His leg amputation was the result of a motorcycle crash. He simply failed to ever correct the condition assumed by an interviewer, and he had no problem taking the respect and nobility that followed from being a cancer survivor, however misguided.

Cort justifies that he has raised millions of dollars for cancer research and causes for children, all true. When the truth is twisted, the motives always miss the mark.

Before Cort ever makes it to surgery, however, death is almost imminent. He crashes in the ER, and Dr. Olivia Jackson (Summer Brown) is sent to get the lung tubing. The computer malfunction has made codes for supply doors unusable. Flustered, she freezes at the critical moment. Dr. Browne (Antonia Thomas) moves in and breaks the glass. Dr. Jackson still needs the reminder to bring the tubing. The resident has brilliant knowledge and willing capability, but she lacks the decisive personality that must be part of being a physician, becoming “The Good Doctor” she has been pushed all her life to be.

Dr. Jackson is not done with this extended bad day. Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) suggests she “suck it up,” but she reaches a turning point.

Three-way blame on 'The Good Doctor'

Claire Browne is the ambassador of caring among the professionals on “The Good Doctor.” Even so, she can't move past the image fraud perpetrated by Cort. Dr. Lim sees the reasons why Dr. Browne feels incensed but asserts that “I can be pi@@ed off and still be professional. “ When reports come to Lim that Claire tipped off the truth about Cort, a giant fissure is driven between the friends.

During surgery, of all moments, Dr. Jackson reveals herself as the one who gave the tipoff. Lim orders her to “scrub out” immediately in a tense exchange on “The Good Doctor.” The next time we see her, she is out of surgical gear and packing up her car.

She prepares for a last meeting with the supervisor, knowing the outcome. She tells Dr. Andrews that she never wanted to be a doctor. She tried to fit the career that everyone but her wanted her to assume.

“I don't want to be important or successful,” the resident tells her uncle. “I just want to be myself, but I don't even know who that is.” Along with revealing himself as the whistleblower, Dr. Andrews reminds his favorite niece and protégé that “you are a resilient, amazing young woman, and I can't wait to see what else you become.”

Newsweek her MSN reports that Summer Brown will not be returning to “The Good Doctor” on February 23, but her character was a grand start straight out of drama school.

Shaun Murphy tells Olivia that he will miss her, despite not wanting to hug her goodbye.

It comes down to seconds on 'The Good Doctor'

Using the most unconventional methods, the team, and particularly Dr. Wolke, locate a probable donor for Jamie, Rachel (Agnes Yong). In every way, the two kindred good hearts hit it off like angels, until testing reveals that Rachel is too unhealthy to be the donor. Dr. Park (Will Yun Lee) finds a prisoner willing to be part of an unusual, life-saving organ exchange.

Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Henderson) offers a moving exhortation on how the convict subjected to a lifetime of abuse from his father and more put a stop to his suffering “with a bullet.” Every life has a story, and every life is capable of divine possibilities.

Those possibilities can be cut short by life situations and shortfalls, but they never disappear. This is the kind of storytelling that makes “The Good Doctor” must-see TV.

As pledged, Lea saves the hospital systems with seconds to spare. She also takes Dr. Glassman up on his poker game invitation. The guys love her, by all appearances. It's a good thing that “The Good Doctor” isn't really the jealous type. At another door, Dr. Lim brings fresh bakery goodies to Claire, and the two get set for a sugar coma.