The character of Qi'ra was launched in "Solo: A Star Wars Story." She is, among other things, Han Solo's childhood best friend and later his love interest. With each of them having somewhat morally ambiguous backgrounds. Actress Emilia Clarke played Qi'ra in the movie.

Both the character and the performance were widely praised. Qi'ra has since appeared in a number of other works from the franchise. Although not yet again in the theatrical or Disney+ departments. But that may possibly be in the process of changing – warning for possible spoilers below.

Reports indicate Clarke will be playing her on a Disney+ series

That Hashtag Show reports that Emilia Clarke will return as Qi'ra. This time in a television series for Disney+. If so, it would be the character's debut in an original Disney+ project.

Qi'ra indirectly led Han Solo down the path that put him in place for the original "Star Wars" movies. Including meeting Chewbacca and his acquisition of the Millennium Falcon and even participating in the famed and much-debated Kessel Run.

Of course, the path for Han would go on to feature Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, followed by Rey and Ben Solo. Qi'ra, on the other hand, would eventually lead the feared crime syndicate known as Crimson Dawn.

Aside from Clarke, reports haven't indicated what other cast members could appear in the potential series. Nor what timeframe the series would be set in. Especially depending on when in the timeline the series would be based. Others in the cast could include Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, and Paul Bettany.

Clarke has indicated an interest in returning as Qi'ra in the past, saying she has ideas for the character.

She's also expressed her joy in what happened to the character in "Star Wars" literature set after "Solo".

A Qi'ra-centric series on Disney+ would join a "Star Wars" series club on the platform. Including "The Mandalorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett," which have already debuted. At least five other "Star Wars" Disney+ series are in development.

Work has continued on the theatrical side of the franchise as well. Among the projects in development is "Rogue Squadron", directed by Patty Jenkins. A variety of other cinematic works have been announced. None of them have been given official titles, at least in public.

It would not be Clarke's first Disney+ series

Emilia Clarke has already signed on for another high-profile Disney+ release. She has joined "Secret Invasion," one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's ventures on the service, noted The DisInsider. Others who've starred in such series include her "Solo" co-star, Paul Bettany. He played one of the title characters of "WandaVision." That series became one of the most popular in each of the United States for 2021 and internationally.

Her career has also included starring in "Game of Thrones," for which she received several Emmy nominations. Reports have also emerged of a "Thrones" revival, mainly because of intense discontent with the original's conclusion.