Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg’s dispute appears to have escalated after some interesting revelations emerged. The estranged couple has been feuding on social media ever since they ended their marriage after the second season of “The Other Way.” Last year, Deavan revealed that she had filed for divorce against Jihoon, but the Korean reality star had refused to sign his divorce papers. In a recent interview, Deavan disclosed that she has submitted new evidence against Jihoon in their pending child abuse case.

Deavan allegedly submits evidence in child abuse allegations against Jihoon

The American reality star released a statement to US Weekly in which she confirmed that she is working with police officers in the ongoing investigation against her ex-husband. Deavan has maintained that Jihoon abused her six-year-old daughter during their stay in Korea, and she has allegedly submitted evidence to prove her allegations. The 24-year-old has declared that she will only share her evidence with fans once police officers conclude their investigations. However, Jihoon’s lawyers have maintained that their client is innocent of the child abuse allegations.

Jihoon’s lawyers have rubbished Deavan’s accusations

In their latest statement, Jihoon’s legal representatives have rubbished Deavan’s accusations.

The lawyers have questioned why the American reality star filed the child abuse assertions against Jihoon 18 months after the alleged incident occurred. According to Jihoon’s lawyers, Deavan did not witness her ex-husband carry out the purported abuse against her daughter, and she has been relying on second-hand information to prove her case.

While concluding their statement, Jihoon’s attorneys declared that they were actively seeking documentation of the alleged proof that Deavan submitted to the police officers.

90 Day Fiancé” viewers are now eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the child abuse allegations against Jihoon. Fans were disappointed last year when TLC banned Deavan and Jihoon from the “The Other Way” Tell All episodes due to their unresolved marital dispute.

Apart from the pending child abuse case, the couple is also set to face each other in court over the permanent custody of their 22-months-old son, Taeyang. Over the past two months, Jihoon has been raising money on his Go Fund Me account to cater for his legal fees in the court case. The 30-year-old reality star has accused Deavan’s new boyfriend, Christopher Park, of pretending to be Taeyang’s father. However, Deavan has claimed that Jihoon rejected her co-parenting offer last year, and he has blocked her on his social media accounts. Many viewers had hoped that Deavan and Jihoon would resolve their marital problems amicably after their breakup. However, it seems that the couple will have to settle their dispute in court.