Devin Ratray was accused of assault by his girlfriend before their stay in a hotel in Oklahoma City earlier this week, reports Fox News.

Ratray is known for his vague infamous act as Buzz – the constantly bullying elder relative to Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) – in the 1990 Christmas classic "Home Alone" and the 1992 sequel titled "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York."

What really happened in the hotel room

Earlier this December, Ratray, alongside his girlfriend, had gone to an event titled "Buzzed with buzz." The classic was eventually screened, followed afterward by a question and answer that took place in the same place and date.

Not long after, Ratray and his girlfriend disagreed in their hotel room, which was, as far as his girlfriend had told, "was life-threatening."

In accord to Oklahoma City TV station, the 43 years old actor had violently choked her and thus said, "This is how you die," which he subsequently denied ever saying.

Ratray was arrested and charged with two domestic assaults alongside a battery complaint after his girlfriend reported him. Ratray was finally released because he pleaded guilty to the levies. The actor's case is unclear on how it would play in the nearest future.

'Home Alone'

"Home Alone" is one of the best Christmas classics to date due to its outstanding performance in cinemas and the general reaction and feedback it got and still gets from the audience.

It has become one of the few classics that draw attention and praise from film critics and production companies.

One of the prominent and much-loved key roles from the movie is Kelvin (who was the major character, by the way). His brilliantly staged ideas and partly unreal scenarios still marveled the public to date—most especially his lethal desire to face the challenge and recover but destroy along the way.

The almost perfectly plotted storyline of his quest to stop an armed robber duo while he was accidentally forgotten at home on Christmas Eve is still what sparks the abscesses of emotion among fans.

The award-winning actor, who was an epitome of a prosperous and experienced actor, has previously starred in a good number of films alongside "Nebraska" (a six-time Oscar-nominated film) and a brief performance in the Disney+ movie "Home Sweet Home Alone" as officer Buzz.