Tuesday on 'The Bold and the Beautiful', Finn wonders how Steffy really feels about Liam. Steffy declares her love for Finn and lets him that she only want to be with him. Bill gives Liam some advice and tells him not to beat himself up. Finn pays a visit to Liam, and lays down the law. Vinny tells Thomas that now that Steffy is pregnant with Liam's baby, he can finally get what he deserves -- to be with Hope.

Finn puts Steffy on the spot

At Forrester, after making his intentions clear, Finn tells Steffy that just because he's not the baby's father, it doesn't mean that he's not invested in her pregnancy.

They express their love for one another. He then asks her how she really feels about 'the other man' in her life -- Liam, especially since she is carrying his child. ''Be honest. If it were possible, would you reunite your family with Liam?'' he asked. Hope interrupts, ''I would like an answer to that too.''

Steffy tells Finn that she would have never known that he'd be the man to make her believe in love again. Recently, Steffy has experienced a great loss and trauma after losing 'Phoebe' to Hope and Liam and her motorcycle accident. She repeats that she loves him, wants a life with him and to give him a child of his own one day. ''I want you. You and only you,'' she replies. Finn leaves. Hope remains, staring at Steffy.

Steffy tells Hope that Finn is her future, not Liam. Hope wants to believe her. Steffy is optimistic that together, they can make it work, just like they did with Kelly. Hope responds that the circumstances aren't the same. She asks her where do they go from there.

Steffy says that she can't answer for her or Liam but she prays that things will work out for her and Finn.

She apologizes to Hope. However, she doesn't feel sorry about the innocent child growing inside her.

Bill counsels Liam

At Spencer Publications, Bill and Liam discuss the company's collaboration with Summer Newman's in Genoa City. Bill asks him about his marriage, Steffy's pregnancy and the night they slept together. Liam is regretful about what Hope is going through.

Bill add that Steffy is also going through a lot. In the same breath, he counsels that Steffy is still with Finn and that he shouldn't beat himself up. He advises him to stop looking at the past and start looking ahead. Bill appears to be excited to welcome a new Spencer baby. Liam tells his father that he has to try to get Hope's trust again. Bill challenges him to 'fight the good fight' and own his mistakes. He mentions his own efforts to get Katie's trust again, with Brooke and Donna's help.

Finn confronts Liam and puts him on notice

Finn arrives at Bill's office and interrupts their discussion. He demands to speak with Liam privately. He goes on to ask him if he truly understands the mess that he has made in so many lives.

Liam looks dazed. He says that he hates the pain that he has caused. Finn questions Liam's motives.

He questions why Hope and Steffy have been played by 'Mr. Truth and Honesty' for so many years. He warns, ''I don't care that this baby is yours. I'm putting you on notice. You are NOT going to hurt Steffy again. You got it, Liam? Not again!''

Vinny encourages Thomas

Vinny encourages Thomas and states that his sister is pregnant for 'Mr. Waffle Man' and that now is his chance with Hope. ''That paternity test should be a lifetime ticket to happiness for you, Dougie and Hope.'' he said. Ridge interrupts. Vinny over-speaks to Ridge about getting another grandchild and Thomas tells him to shut up. ''Hope and Thomas might finally work out...

the way it was supposed to,'' Vinny tells them. Ridge sternly reminds Vinny that Hope and Liam are still married, and discourages him from putting crazy thoughts into Thomas' head. He tells him that Thomas has been getting better.

Vinny says sometimes people have to nudge things in the direction they want. Before he leaves for the lab, he tells his friend that he's rooting for him. Ridge notifies Thomas that he doesn't think he should be taking advice from Vinny. As Thomas' mind wanders back to the words Vinny said earlier, Ridge command his attention and tells him to stay away from Vinny.

Thomas realizes what Vinny has done

Alone, Thomas continues his flashbacks of Vinny talking about the fetal DNA match, and that he's been working at the lab for a while. He thinks back earlier in their conversation when Vinny tells him that he will look back and thank him. Thomas paces the room. ''No. It can't be,'' he said. ''He wouldn't...'