Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Finn makes his intentions clear to both Steffy and her father. He vows to be there for her every step of the way. Steffy wonders what she did to deserve him. Despite Wyatt's optimism, Liam is worried that Hope will leave him, for all the pain that he has caused. Thomas and Vinny bicker about Hope, and Thomas wonders why Vinny is suddenly so knowledgeable about paternity tests.

Finn makes his intentions clear

At Forrester Creations, Ridge talks to Steffy. She tells him that although she already loves the baby growing inside of her, she wished that it was Finn's.

He asked her how the young doctor was doing, given the circumstances. ''He's disappointed,'' she replied. ''But Finn and I will be just fine.'' She was worried about Hope and Liam's marriage. She doubted Hope's ability to forgive Liam. Steffy is probably very happy to have this baby, after losing Phoebe when her real identity as Beth was revealed.

Finn arrived during their conversation, bearing flowers for his beloved. Steffy asks him if he is having any second thoughts. ''Are you kidding? I can't wait to walk into the future with you.'' he said.

Ridge and Finn remind her not to stress about things that she cannot change. Finn lets them know that he is going to be there for Steffy and the baby, and Ridge commends and thanks him.

Alone, Steffy tells Finn that her child is lucky to have him.

Liam is worried about losing Hope

At Spencer Publications, Liam laments to Wyatt and Flo that he was hoping he and Hope would survive everything that has happened to them. ''I am the baby's father, so there's no going back to the way things were,'' he told them. He is feeling unsure about Hope bailing on him.

Wyatt tries to reassure him that Hope will get over it, but Liam isn't convinced. He wants to do whatever its takes to make up for the hurt he's caused. Flo, who was pardoned for helping Dr. Buckingham steal Beth from Hope, doesn't believe that she will forgive Liam.

Hope struggles with the paternity test results

At work with Thomas, Hope appears to be distracted.

Thomas asks her of she is okay. Vinny secretly arrives, eavesdropping on their conversation. He smiles when Hope tells Thomas that she really appreciates him being there for her. Vinny makes his presence known and empathizes with Hope. He reminds her that Thomas is there for her. She appeared to be uncomfortable and she decided to leave. Thomas then asked Vinny, ''What the hell is wrong with you?''

Liam begs Hope again

When Hope arrives home, she meets Liam. He tells her that he could see that pain in her eyes. He begs her to stick with him. After finding out that Beth was alive, Hope and Liam built a life and family that they loved. Hope told him that he chose to throw it all away.

Thomas questions Vinny

In response to Thomas' question, Vinny mentioned that the reason why Hope was uncomfortable was because of Liam. He tells him that she needs him now, more than ever. Thomas further interrogates him about why he seems to be so happy about the situation. Vinny tells him that the fetal DNA doesn't match Finn's, which makes Liam the father. Thomas was puzzled. ''When did you become an expert on paternity tests?'' he asked. Vinny replies that he has been working at the lab for a while, adding that he is not 'that dumb'. He continued by Telling Thomas that he is going to think back to this conversation and thank him.