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Israel prepared to attack Iranian forces building in Syria

If either Russia or the US has a Middle East peace plan, now is a good time to unfurl it.
Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces in Lebanon and Syria are a constant military threat to Israel. A de-escalation deal agreed upon by Jordan, Russia and Washington allows Iran or its proxies to come to within 3.1 miles of Syria and the rebels. That is about 12.5 miles of the Israeli border. Israel feels threatened. It fears hundreds of precision missiles have been delivered to Hezbollah and Iran has established bases in southern Syria. For instance, Syrian forces retook a position in the northern Golan last month, the site is located about 10 miles from the Israeli border. Israel Defense Forces officers believe that sooner or later, Syrian President Assad will use this as a launching pad to control of the rest of the Syrian Golan. According to Harretz’s Amos Harel, an Israeli scholar, he issued a stark warning at the Middle East conference in Moscow on Feb. 20 that his country may not wait to be hit before it strikes. “The conventional threat that Iran is building in Syria is bound...