"90 Day Fiance" reality star Paola Mayfield has taken to her Instagram page to write a message to her over one million followers. The reality star posted a picture with a write up that said, "To those who worked so hard to cancel Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss and Pepé Le Pew, so quickly and successfully, will you please direct your next efforts towards canceling child pornography, pedophilia and sex trafficking?" She continued saying that clearly, the people who canceled Mr. Potato Head and the rest's voices were louder than everyone else. She asked if they could share the secret on how they could successfully cancel them since Child porn and the rest were not on the top of these people's list.

"We would like to know your secrets on how you make these cancellations happen fast so we can make real changes that improve social, economic, and humanitarian issues."

She captioned the post saying that she hoped they shared the secret.

Paola Mayfield's fans comment on her recent post

Many fans reacted to Paola's post as one of her fans said that she was surprised to see that many people in the comments did not understand what Paola was saying. She explained that the "90 Day Fiancè" cast meant that if people could cancel a book, toy, or statues, they can come together to save the children because most people in porn were gotten as a result of children being forced or women trafficked.

Another fan called out people who thought that Dr.

Seuss and Potato weren't canceled. She went on to ask if people thought those multi-billion company just decided to close down. She continued to say that they were closed down because people felt the need to cancel them instead of just not buying their product. She ended by saying that child porn and pedophilia was not canceled, and people just had to look at porn to see what was happening.

One of her fans commented that stopping trafficking was not the same as stopping the circulation of few books or rebranding a toy. She said that the "90 Day Fiancè" cast needed to research the topic and look into Thorn organization and their work. She continued saying that Paola made it sound easy, but it involved taking down the dark web, traffickers and the porn industry.

Russ Mayfield posts a selfie of him and their son

"90 Day Fiancé" Russ Mayfield posted a selfie on his Instagram of him and his son, Axel Mayfield. They looked pleased in a selfie, and Russ captioned the photo saying, "Happy Pi day! Axel and I have been going around finding pi's and saying 'circle!' together all day!"