"The Batman" is currently scheduled to be released in theaters in 2022. Robert Pattinson was enlisted to play the title character. A number of other characters associated with one of DC Comics' most iconic figures are also to appear. Both heroic and villainous.

Among them is the Penguin, one of the most famous members of Batman's rogues gallery. Whatever the movie has in store for the Penguin, his lot in the newest Batman franchise.

Series based on the character reportedly in development

Executives with HBO have recently apparently been keen on expanding already-established universes.

Such as with a number of new series set in the universe of "Game of Thrones". (Though countless consumers of the franchise still wait and hope for something to correct the misfire-bogged final season.) With HBO Max, there has also been an increased focus on the DC Comics catalog.

A new project that would be set around the Penguin seems to be in the proverbial wings, no pun intended. Set in the same continuity of "The Batman", where the character is portrayed by Colin Farrell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Farrell has been approached to reprise the role in the series. But there hasn't been any official word yet if he's agreed to do it. TV veteran Lauren LeFranc has been announced as crafting a script for the project.

It's not the first time the Irish actor has signed on to play a comic book villain. Having done so with Marvel's Bullseye. Farrell's other previous roles have included ones in a variety of dark comedies. Among them, "In Bruges" and "The Lobster". For his role in "The Batman", Farrell underwent significant prosthetics and makeup.

With some early descriptions of his look as being 'unrecognizable.'

The Penguin-based series is not the only one in development to stem from "The Batman". As noted by CinemaBlend, there's another that's geared around the Gotham City Police Department. It's as of yet unclear if any cast members from the movie are poised to be directly involved with this spin-off.

In theory, at least two movie sequels are to follow the first installment. Should the film franchise meet or surpass hopes for it, more television projects are not out of the question either.

The Penguin was debuted in the early 1940s

The Penguin's more official name is Oswal Chesterfield Cobblepot. He's typically clad in formal attire with an umbrella and monocle to match. His umbrella was a prominent piece in his debut appearance. Where he used it to thieve away a pair of valuable paintings. Since then, he's become a mainstay of Batman foils, frequently teamed up with the Joker or the Riddler.

Over the decades, the character has been adapted numerous other times. Both in live-action and in animation. Prior to Farrell, the most recent major portrayal came via the Fox series "Gotham".