As the sun rises on this week's June 7 Episode 20 finale for “The Good Doctor” in Season 4, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) faces another fateful day in his calling as a surgeon and a dreaded day in his relationship with Lea (Paige Spara). He reiterates that he wants the woman he loves to go home to Hershey, PA because it might help her to feel better, but “The Good Doctor” senses that separation amidst a crisis is not beneficial for any couple. Lea speaks not a word but gives a penetrating look into Shaun’s eyes as she gets her bags.

On the bus, Dr.

Browne (Antonia Thomas) asks what the translation for “c’mon” is. The driver replies that it is a combination of “Venga” (Go), as in last week's episode, and “Vamos” (Let's go.) The surgeon excitedly repeats the phrase. Clara Browne also excitedly endorses the connection between Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) and Mateo (Osvaldo Benevides) as the impromptu lovers board the bus. “I approve!” she gushes. Guatemala has been an opportunity for grace and release for “The Good Doctor” and the team, but the challenges are far from

Lights out leaves ‘The Good Doctor’ and fellow teams going by feel

Every surgeon sent from San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital has already meticulously studied the surgical paths for saving each patient.

“The Good Doctor” and his partners prepare for using only ultrasound as a means of technology. Just as the procedures get underway, all electrical power is lost at the clinic. There is no instant backup from a generator, so familiar back home.

Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) has the most intricate operation, involving vessels to the brain and heart.

His young patient, Sebastian, seems more worried about being put to sleep than his facial tumor. Andrews soldiers through, and Dr. Murphy proves to be very resilient with improvised techniques, like the ones he introduced with his arrival on “The Good Doctor.” Doctors Lim and Mateo spare blood loss by using their fingers, and Claire Browne confronts a critical situation with what was supposed to be a routine gallbladder procedure.

Kudos to “The Good Doctor” showrunners for keeping the realism strong in this finale, and yet, infusing every scenario with hope. Few medical TV Shows accomplish the feat with defter care.

Even Lea is drafted into life-saving with sweet baby Isabella. When the infant develops a lung embolism, she must go on a ventilator. Nonetheless, the mother and Lea must resort to hand-pumping air to the baby's lungs for endless hours under the power crisis. The best maternal instincts kick in for Lea. She stays on duty, pleading for the mother to rest for just “diez minutos.” When Shaun comes in to lend some relief, Lea and “The Good Doctor” are present in a way they never experienced in their own grief. In a sense, they gain absolution from their own imprisonment of pain.

Later, when Shaun tells Lea that the mother wants her to hold the baby, the grieving mother gets cold pain long enough to hear the marvelous coos of a living, breathing baby. She grasps the possibility for herself in the future.

Coming clean and stepping up during surgery on ‘The Good Doctor’

The likes of OR always seem to bring a “come to Jesus” moment on “The Good Doctor.” When Shaun connects with Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) in a virtual visit, he admits that he's not doing very well. On the contrary, Glassman notes that his surgical prodigy turns to him less and less for personal or professional advice. “You can do whatever you want, Shaun-- you're better than you think,” the mentor boosts.

“The Good Doctor” passes on the same advice to Claire when she seeks Shaun's counsel on her gallbladder patient. Neither surgeon has a looking glass to know the correct source of Edna’s bleeding, but Dr. Browne follows her gut instinct and goes to the stomach, saving Edna's life. She also provides a tender lesson to her patient’s daughter who is guilty of being happy because another patient, Miguel (Javier Lacroix) faces dire prospects.

“It's fun to be good,” she assures the faithful daughter. In a tender scene from this scenario on “The Good Doctor,” Claire and the teen join in an afternoon of giving toys away to children. The giving gesture in no way erases all the hardship in their lives.

It does, however, provide a worthy childhood escape from those realities. The sight of a joyful child stays forever in the soul.

During surgery, Audrey Lim comes completely clean with Mateo about her PTSD and the way she coped with it. Mateo contested that her deeply personal questions that morning were not compatible with a lovers’ fling. He responds to her honesty with a look of surprise and respect.

Speaking of stepping up, Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) again makes the ultimate sacrifice for a patient. When the young man with abdominal strangulation returns to the clinic after going to work to feed his family with another crisis, Morgan shows the best of her skill and her underlying, yet overwhelming compassion in jumping into surgery.

After hours of manipulating an irrepressible abdominal wall, her hands give way. She realizes that her hopes of rehabbing her dexterity back into surgery are dashed. Dr. Park (Will Yun Lee) takes over to close, but sees the brilliance of Morgan's work, justice when she sacrificed in Season 2’s “Quarantine” in “The Good Doctor.”

At last, Morgan relents, confessing “I need a friend,” after Park’s positive report on the patient's outcome. He assures her that she didn't fail. In contrast, he relates that she inspires and annoys him simultaneously.

Expected and unexpected goodbyes on ‘The Good Doctor’

“The Good Doctor” is more than a show about ethical practice in medicine, a unique surgeon on the ASD and Savant scale, and the dedicated and intricately flawed surgeons beside him who saved lives every day.

It is a drama that dares you to make better decisions, in big and small ways.

Dr. Andrews reveals to his lovely clinic counterpart that his wife left him. He joined the mission trip to get a fresh perspective on whether to save the marriage. Their brief, however platonic, the encounter has a meaningful impact, as seen by their heartfelt embrace at goodbye. Dr. Andrews sacrificed his wedding band to get surgical materials needed by Sebastian-- another act of grace that may be prophetic. Before he leaves, the surgeon gives a coveted baseball to the boy as a farewell gift.

Each of the other patients bid farewell to their doctor. Rather than a goodbye to Guatemala, Dr. Karla (Allegra Fulton) poses a question to Claire Browne, offering her a post as resident surgeon at the clinic.

Naturally, Dr. Lim assures Claire that the offer was cleared with her before it was made. The boss points out that while Claire gives many reasons for the recent junctures in her life, she doesn't come up with a single reason for not taking the job in this surprise twist for “The Good Doctor” finale. Lim also verifies that a caring heart becomes the best asset for Claire in her new position, and their heartfelt embrace seals the decision. June 7 features in Deadline per MSN and Cinema Blend suggest that the doors are never closed for the character to return.

“I never know what you're thinking,” Claire tells Shaun. “Many things,” “The Good Doctor” replies, including the fact that there's no Cinnabon in this rustic airport.

“I think people should move forward,” he tells one of his first advocates at St. Bonaventure. “Are you moving forward?” He inquires. “I think so,” she confirms.

“I've never hugged you, Claire,” “The Good Doctor” confirms before unclasping his hands, to draw her in for a genuine embrace. Shaun whispers “okay” before joining Lea on a bench.

Lea breaks the news that she won't be going to Hershey because now she knows “I won't be sad forever” and she credits “The Good Doctor” for getting her to that place.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” she affirms to “The Good Doctor.” A beaming smile accompanies her proposal, which is accepted without reservation by “of course I do.” Jumping up and down, karaoke-style, the couple yell “We're getting married!” to their cohorts.

On the bus, Dr. Lim learns that a pot bust is the only barrier to Mateo’s travel to the states, and a visit to San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. A lawyer can tidy up that situation. The situation for Morgan and Alex looks much brighter, too. He declares his breakup from Heather, and the L-word is spoken aloud at last. Walls do crumble.

Claire returns to the bus and all-new adventure on this most uplifting of all “The Good Doctor” finales thus far. No fans are ever happy to see a major character go, but if any place can be perfect for Dr. Browne, this is it. She's doing what she was born to do. Her first patient on the table is none other than Miguel-- waiting no more. His precious puppy is the one waiting dutifully.

For some, this Season 4 finale for “The Good Doctor” may ring too perfect. After a year of isolation, fear, and facing life-and-death on many levels, the story of human connection in its best expressions is a sublime prescription.