The new Spider-Man film has Tom Holland in the title role. The first-day sale of tickets of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in multiple markets overtook the sale of tickets of other recent releases of Movies like James Bond's "No Time To Die" and "Avengers: Endgame." The pace of such movies is fast, and the actions, combined with the animation, keep the viewer on edge. Moreover, the storyline is always exciting and allows the viewer's imagination to run wild.

The movie has set a ticket-sale record in the U.K. before its highly anticipated release. The Marvel movie reportedly sold more than 150,000 tickets in the first 24 hours of going on sale.

That is the feedback from one of the cinemas. Its sale is much more compared to the latest James Bond film or the Avengers movie. An official of the Vue Cinemas told Sky News: "We will look back on Bond as a watershed."

The latest trailer for this Spider-Man film released in November

This Spider-Man movie has set a record for pre-sales. A couple of American websites reportedly crashed because of the tremendous demand for tickets. That is the magic of a name like Spider-Man. It is understandable because the threat of coronavirus has devastated the world of movies. There were restrictions imposed to avoid infection and many cinema halls closed. Producers also delayed the release of their films.

That threat is gradually receding with the availability of vaccines. The latest trailer of the movie was released in November. Tom Holland portrays the role of the hero. Previously, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were featured as Spider-Man. The reaction of fans after the trailer was released has set the mood for an enjoyable movie, thanks to the inclusion of villains who have already appeared in earlier Spider-Man film.

Sky News adds about the likes of Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman, and Lizard. They are in the latest trailer of "No Way Home." Moreover, Benedict Cumberbatch is back in his role as Doctor Strange, alongside Zendaya as MJ and Jacob Batalon as Ned.

The Spider-Man movie that signals the end of pre-pandemic days

According to Deadline, fans of Spider-Man who could not get tickets through online booking are heading to local cinemas.

They would stand in queue for advance buys. The offshore rollout of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" is on December 15, while its domestic debut is on December 17. Ticket sales in Mexico were $7M in the first 24 hours. The same trend prevailed in the U.K., Spain, Brazil, and Central America. Obviously, the fans were waiting.

The identity of Spider-Man revealed

Deadline reveals the plot of "Spider-Man: No way Home." Peter Parker enlists the help of Doctor Strange to restore his secret. In this movie, his identity comes out in the open. Their world crumbles around them, and the most powerful villains emerge. They are those who have, at some point in time, fought a Spider-Man in any universe. The movie would release in more than 90% of the overseas outlets through the first weekend. It does not include China.