Taylor Swift has become one of the most successful musicians and songwriters of all-time. Her songs and albums are among the highest-selling there have ever been. She's also written hit songs for other artists, including Little Big Town. As of 2022, she has 11 Grammy Awards to her name, alongside numerous other accolades.

Swift has also ventured into various other industries. Among them, would be the film industry. After initially making sporadic dabbles into cinematic projects, she's more recently gotten more heavily involved. Now, it seems that she's made the full-fledged leap into the filmmaking community.

Hired to direct and write feature film for Searchlight Pictures

Taylor Swift is set to craft a full-on motion picture for the first time. Further details are largely being held back "until a later date." But Swift is expected to both direct the movie and write its script.

Over the years, Swift has written and directed several music videos. Eventually, she gained significant attention for her 2021 project "All Too Well: The Short Film". It was based on Swift's song "All Too Well", which is the backdrop for most of the movie. According to Variety and Yahoo, Swift describes her becoming director of the short film as being accidental. She'd had a list of directors in mind for it, specifically wanting a female director.

But all were booked for other projects during the necessary time frame.

Swift enlisted "Stranger Things" and "Teen Wolf" stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O'Brien as the leads. She herself also appeared in it, as did noted filmmaker Shawn Levy. "All Too Well: The Short Film" portrayed a romance's rise and fall. Along with the reverberating effect it has on individuals years down the road.

The film was released to near-universal acclaim and was named as an Oscar contender.

Searchlight Pictures was previously known as 21st Century Fox. It took its current name after being acquired by The Walt Disney Company. The studio has a reputation of getting big box office and critical returns from relatively low-budget releases.

Five of its projects have garnered Oscars for Best Picture. It also includes the division Searchlight Television. Which, as the name likely suggests, is focused on television projects.

Has appeared or done music for several movies

Taylor Swift made her feature film acting debut in the movie "Valentine's Day". She's gone on to appear off and on in other theatrical releases, in roles of varying prominence. Earlier in 2022, she was among the stars of "Amsterdam".

Swift has also penned and performed songs for many Movies over the years. Including four of which that have gotten nods by the Golden Globe Awards. One, "Safe & Sound" for "The Hunger Games", won a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media. Another, "Carolina" for "Where the Crawdads Sing", is currently pending.