Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are still celebrating the team’s recent Super Bowl win. The new champions made history after becoming the first NFL organization to win the title in their home stadium. Many pundits have attributed the Buccaneers' recent victory to their first-year quarterback, Tom Brady. The 43-year-old ended his first season with the team by winning his seventh career Super Bowl. However, Brady had an intense argument on-field argument with Kansas City Chief’s defensive player, Tyrann Mathieu, but he has since apologized for the incident.

Tyrann Mathieu claims that Brady uttered some 'unrepeatable' words during their altercation

The two players appeared to exchange insults on several occasions as the Buccaneers dominated the Chiefs in the 31-9 Super Bowl victory. After Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass in the first half, cameras captured Mathieu sticking a finger in the 43-year-old’s face. During another incident, Brady and Mathieu squared up to each other, which forced the match officials to impose a 15-yard penalty on the Chiefs due to Mathieu’s behavior. After the game, the talented defensive player took to Twitter to explain his actions. Mathieu claimed that Brady had uttered some “unrepeatable” words during their confrontation.

He also criticized the match officials for failing to penalize Brady during their altercation.

Brady sent a heartfelt message to Mathieu after the Super Bowl

Several media outlets have now reported that the seven-time Super Bowl champion apologized to Mathieu after the game. According to the reports, Brady expressed his regret over the incident by sending a heartfelt text message to Mathieu.

In the short apology, the 43-year-old referred to the Chief’s defensive player as the ultimate competitor, and an incredible leader. Brady defended his actions during the Super Bowl by clarifying that he was only trying to match Mathieu’s intensity. Additionally, Brady expressed his desire to apologize in person in future interaction with the 26-year-old Chief’s player.

It will be interesting to see how Mathieu responds to Brady’s apology. During his post-match press conference, Mathieu claimed that he was not bothered by his intense argument with Brady. The defensive player acknowledged that going back and forth with opponents was part of the game. For now, Mathieu will be looking to evaluate his performance in Sunday’s disappointing Super Bowl loss. Many analysts had tipped the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year, but Brady’s superb display was too much for the title favorites to handle. The 43-year-old quarterback threw for 201 yards and three touchdowns in a skillful performance to secure his seventh career Super Bowl title. For many NFL fans, Brady’s recent victory proved that he is the greatest player in the league’s history. The former New England Patriots quarterback also demonstrated his class by apologizing to Mathieu after their on-field dispute.