Stalwart fans of “The Good Doctor” have faced challenges in Season 4 in merely tracking the dates for new episodes. This week's March 8 11th episode, “We're All Crazy Sometimes,” certainly more than makes up for any inconvenience.

A pair of talented David’s from the ABC medical drama, David Hoselton, and David Renaud, wrote the episode as confirmed by The Futon Critic on March 8. The gifted writers create the season’s most compelling, entertaining, and surprising (particularly in the last 3 minutes) episode, while Mike Listo directs. No channel surfing is allowed with this installment of “The Good Doctor,” which also features Richard Schiff in his most potent form since his recovery from the virus early in the season.

Dr. Aaron Glassman not only dares to perform the surgery “no other surgeon would take,” as affirmed by Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) but also uses his vast experience and history to ascertain a brilliant solution when everything goes wrong in the OR. Meanwhile, in between run-ins with the shyster proprietor of Tricky Towing with Lea (Paige Spara), “The Good Doctor” and his team contend with me perplexing case of a wife suddenly revived from brain death on the operating table.

Down to less than minutes for Dannie on ‘The Good Doctor’

Dannie Miller (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her husband, Elias (Michael B. Silver), shared life of complete devotion as a married couple, so much so that the husband cannot allow himself to carry on without her.

She is functionally brain-dead and on her last moments of life support when Dr. Murphy (Freddie Highmore) notices her thumb move. Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) attributes the movement to a regular near-mortem occurrence. “The Good Doctor,” on the other hand, names several other plausible reasons. Morgan intercedes, saying that Elias will never be able to embrace the rest of his life until he lets go of Dannie.

Shaun persists and sees Dr. Lim about a battery of tests to find out the cause.

Scans reveal a cancerous tumor on Dannie’s spine. Naturally, Elias demands that any life-saving measure to restore and revive his wife be taken. During the procedure to remove the tumor, Dannie suddenly awakens. “The Good Doctor” and the team tell the couple that a rush of dopamine from the tumor is responsible for her revival.

It will only last “less than 24 hours,” according to Dr. Murphy.

The poignant portrayal of the pair as they share a lifetime of laughter, memories, and the kind of goodbye that most people only wish for is among the most powerful in recent history on “The Good Doctor.” From the wife's description that a drink “tastes like my birthday” to a trip to Costa Rica. Elias sacrificed that to visit his sick mother-in-law. The characterizations are entirely authentic. The husband still leaves a peppermint pattie on his wife's pillow, but she explains how she thinks she was “brought back” to decide not to be on indefinite life support. She signs her own paperwork and tells her husband to take that trip as a gift to her.

This time, the machines are turned off, and the last embrace his final, but so fulfilling.

A brave shot at life on ‘The Good Doctor’

Lea and Shaun don't start the day dealing with life-and-death. Instead, the two confront Tricky (Jesse Stretch) of Tricky's Towing in the process of taking away Lea’s cherished vehicle for parking in the improper place. With every protest, more inordinate fees pile on. Instead of negotiating her raise for saving the hospital computer system, Lea is creating piles of negative reviews under alias names to put Tricky out of business. “The Good Doctor” even becomes complicit. He surrenders his phone to provide another IP address.

In a more fruitful pursuit, Dr. Glassman “auditions” the surgeons he wants to join his team for an unprecedented procedure on Jeffrey (Michael Taylor).

Taylor brilliantly conveys the pain and passion of the young patient whose body has been contorted by a condition that makes his spine into one fused structure, leaving him unable to stand, turn, or use his hands. The boy with baseball abilities and aspirations spent his life in hospitals. Doctors and nurses became his social contacts. “I've never even had a best friend,” Jeffrey tells Glassman. He yearns to meet a girl, study engineering, and “hug somebody.” Glassman, the venerable mentor of “The Good Doctor” is ready to take this intricate operation, and he has to convince his patient.

With Dr. Olivia Jackson departed, the pressure is only increased for the remaining residents. Dr. Claire Browne always comes through with diligence, over-preparation, and imagination.

Her proposed methods please Dr. Glassman, and she's on his team. Dr. Wolke (Noah Galvin) opts for a unique, riskier approach, but for a good reason. He's Glassman's next recruit for the prestigious surgery on “The Good Doctor.”

The one who surprises Dr. Glassman is Jeffrey, who initially declines surgery. The elder statesman of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital relates how the young man had battled to have the opportunity for a better life, seeking surgeon after surgeon, only to be denied. “Don't be afraid to live your life,” Glassman urges. He appeals by employing the story of Detroit Tiger's left-fielder, Gates Brown. When Jeffrey describes that he doesn't even know how to begin to live a fully human life, the doctor responds, “So you’ll s@*k at it, like everybody else-- welcome to the club.” Dialogue like this doesn't happen on the usual TV Shows in the medical realm.

The Good Doctor” embraces inclusion like no other drama.

Viewers next see Jeffrey face down on the operating table, about to be untwisted by the team. A crisis ensues when Jeffrey's heart doesn't fill correctly. Dr. Wolke declares that they have to build back the patient in the original form to save his life. Dr. Glassman recalls a procedure of breaking the sternum to allow the heart to have room to function. He and the team not only save Jeffrey's life, but they also give him a new life, maintaining the “The Good Doctor” mantra that healing is more than medicine and scalpels.

In a solid back brace, Jeffrey rises to stand on his walker for the first time, beaming a smile. His hand reaches out, and he hugs Dr.

Glassman, deservedly so, after a rousing round of applause. Jeffrey can say "Hello" to his life in a whole new way. Dr. Andrews brings Glassman three more “impossible” cases, noting how “the world needs someone crazy enough to think they can do the impossible.” Fortunately, no signs of ageism show on “The Good Doctor.”

Three on board for ‘The Good Doctor”

During an impromptu conversation in surgery, Dr. Allen (Bria Henderson) cautions “The Good Doctor” that he should never follow a partner into “crazy” when it comes to supporting. Dr. Wolke jumps in, saying how he still afraid to eat a cheeseburger due to offending his mother's kosher cooking. Claire comments that she can't pick up her guitar since her mother's death, even though music always brought them closer.

In the closing scenes, doctors Browne and Wolke go to an open mic night. He savors a cheeseburger, and she takes the stage for her rendition of “Crowded Table” without apology.

The Good Doctor” and Lea have a last late-night meeting with Tricky. Shaun steps up to pay up, deliberately leaving his backpack, with keys on top, as he signals on his way in the door. Tricky is none too pleased to see the car zooming by the window. Shaun rushes out, yelling, “Drive fast, drive very fast!” The pair thrillingly make their getaway. Shaun tells Lea that he had to “show you what's right.” He left the $250 due to Tricky on the desk.

“You have been a little bit crazy,” “The Good Doctor” asserts with Lea. She agrees, saying the same, but for very different reasons.

She tells him she is pregnant, as TV Line per MSN verifies on March 9. Shaun stands with a and discernible look but something of a pleasant smile.

Dr. Park (Will Yun Lee) replaces the Cherry Garcia ice cream he ate after not being chosen for Glassman's surgery. Morgan responds by saying she's increased his rent “by 20.” The roommate with benefits can only give another quizzical look for this crazy behavior on “The Good Doctor.”

The Good Doctor” returns on March 22 with a new episode. The good thing about the two-week pattern is that it extends the season a little longer. Fans will have to wait to see how Shaun and Lea cope with an unexpected new arrival on the way. This one’s going to be more challenging than the goldfish.