Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell are now the talk of the town as the two are allegedly ready to get married. After seeing them together at Wimbledon in July, are the "Mission: Impossible 7" co-stars really a thing? Cruise and Atwell's alleged relationship is now a hot topic. Rumors have it they are on a marriage boot camp to prepare her to be his fourth wife. So, are these claims true or another made-up story about the "Top Gun" star?

The rumors

The Globe claimed. Cruise was already preparing himself to pop the question to his so-called girlfriend, Atwell.

When the two were spotted at the Wimbledon tennis matches together, it was said to be the first step of their "bridal boot camp." An alleged insider even said "being paraded around Wimbledon" was a huge step. "Now Hayley will be intensely vetted by Tom and his people to check there are no hidden surprises down the line," the source continued. The British-American star had allegedly "fallen head over heels in love" with Cruise, and the feeling was mutual. However, after being divorced thrice and all the pain and trauma he had suffered, he wanted to be sure this time.

Fortunately, the moment they met on the set of their movie, there were instant sparks between them, making Cruise believed Atwell was his perfect match.

She has everything she lives, from being classy to being fun. She, too, is never intimidated by him, but he is making his every step cautious. The insider revealed that Cruise is having Atwell's background checked, so nothing from her past can embarrass him. Though they look like the real deal, his people will continuously inspect her before he finally asks her hand for marriage.

Shutting down the wrongful claims

Suggest shut down the Celebrities' alleged marriage, stressing that no one has even confirmed if they are in a relationship. In fact, the two remain mum about it. A much credible source even told People in December that the claims made about their romance were not true at all. Though it cannot be denied that they look perfect for each other, there is no proof to prove that they are together.

So, there is no way that they will walk the aisle together. If they are romantically involved, they may be taking things slow, and it is impossible that marriage is now in the cards. Talking about their outing at Wimbledon, USA Today claimed they looked like Hollywood royalty. The alleged couple attended the Saturday and Sunday tennis finals, showing everyone their sweet smiles. Of course, this event resulted in a stir, but Cruise and Atwell were with their fellow co-star Pom Klementieff. He sat between the two girls while photographers caught him laughing with Atwell.