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Blasting News is a key partner of the Eunomia project, recently funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to determine the trustworthiness of news content.

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Channels are communities of engaged users around specific vertical topics

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We provide you with a unique blend of verified and professionally curated news from Blasting News, from official social media accounts, and from other leading publishers about the topics you love. You won't find coverage like this anywhere else.

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Blasting News and "The Trust Project - News with Integrity"

Blasting News is an open platform striving for independent news coverage and multiple points of views, without prejudice or biased opinions. From our perspective, every voice matters: this is why everybody can propose news stories for publication.

However, openness requires responsibility: the publication of a news story is never taken for granted. To create the safest possible environment, we set up a number of processes and quality controls, and we adhere to "The Trust Project - News with Integrity" guidelines, a set of principles ruled to keep the news clean and safe, defined by the University of Santa Clara (Blasting News is not part of the programme yet).

The key information about us, our editorial processes and how we strive for creating trustworthy news are represented in a transparency area, including among the others:

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Blasting News

Blasting News is the leading social news platform striving for independent and trustable information. Connecting contributors and audiences, we give voices to those who might not have them. At our core, we are a tech platform rather than a traditional publisher: all of our core technology is proprietary, some of which we are patenting.

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  • Active in 9 countries, thanks to more than 2,000 contributors
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All individuals can become Blasting News contributors (which we term "Blasters") and submit written, audio, or video news. Each news article is curated and fact-checked by quality, professional, and unbiased Senior editors before publication, and then further assessed by our internal team.

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For influencers

Our top news articles are promoted by a global team of distributed, digital micro-influencers (which we term "Social Blasters").

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For field experts

Our Channels are managed and curated by teams of experts in their specific fields (which we term "Channel Managers")

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