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Blasting News is a key partner of the Eunomia project, originating in the need to determine the level of trustworthiness of the news. This project was recently funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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Blasting News and "The Trust Project - News with Integrity"

Blasting News is an innovative publisher whose main objective is to offer independent and accurate journalism. We tell our news from a multiplicity of angles, without taking sides. Different from all other publishers who express their own agendas and prefer one point of view over another, at Blasting News the only side we take is yours: we offer you the story from every angle, even if we don’t agree with all of them, so that you can build informed opinions.

For us, every voice counts: this is the reason why are open to receive submissions from any collaborator and freelancer. However, opens demands responsibility. To create a safe environment, all our news articles are submitted to a rigorous fact-checking process using industry best practices: firstly by a Senior Editor, followed by an internal newsroom in London. We follow the guidelines established by the 'Trust Project - News with Integrity': a project promoted by the University of Santa Clara, which establishes a series of principles to keep journalism accurate and transparent.

You can find the key information about us in the transparency area, including among the others:

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Blasting News is a global publisher founded with the aim of providing information independently and reliably.

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  • Active in 8 countries thanks to more than 2,000 journalist collaborators
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Any professional journalist, freelancer or expert or qualified person can become a collaborator of Blasting News and propose a news article in either written, audio or video format. Every news article needs at least two documented sources to be considered for publication and will be verified by a Senior editor and our professional editorial staff.

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Our top news articles are promoted by a global team of distributed, digital micro-influencers (which we term "Social Blasters").

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Our Channels are managed and curated by teams of experts in their specific fields (which we term "Channel Managers")

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