It shouldn't exactly come as a shocker that "Star Wars" is one of the biggest franchises the world has ever known. Successfully conquering various mediums, most notably cinema and television.

The newest cinematic releases in the franchise launched in 2015. While you may have heard or read otherwise, most of the newer films were received overwhelmingly positively. They've since become arguably the most prominent films acknowledged to have been targets of 'review bombing' or 'vote brigading'. Essentially, a coordinated effort by some online to flood websites such as Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews.

Giving the illusion that more of the audience disliked a movie than is actually accurate. The most recent entry to hit theaters, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" received a legitimately more mixed reception. It was meant to be something of a conclusion. But at least one character is set to get another showcase. Beware of spoilers ahead.

Rey, portrayed by Daisy Ridley, to make a comeback

Daisy Ridley is officially not done with "Star Wars" after all. The English actress received high praise for her performances as Rey. Orphaned and left on a desert planet, Rey is, unbeknownst to her, the granddaughter of the villainous Emperor Palpatine. She eventually eschews her familial ties to the Dark Side, embracing the Light.

As indicated by Screen Rant, the announcement about Ridley almost immediately triggered calls for the return of another. Adam Driver played Ben Solo and his alter ego, Kylo Ren. Ben also has some rather remarkable lineage. Son of Princess Leia and Han Solo, nephew of Luke Skywalker, grandson of Darth Vader. Ben had decidedly turned to the Dark Side at the start of the most recent films.

But is redeemed by the end.

The love story, and special bond in The Force, between Rey and Ben has become one of the franchise's most iconic plots. It would seem out of place to bring back one and not the other. But there is one particular issue. That being that Ben died at the end of "The Rise of Skywalker", sacrificing himself to save Rey.

There are ways, of course, that can be changed or worked around. It remains to be seen if it will happen.

Questions about other cast members and characters

Driver is the biggest question, as far as who else might be joining Ridley. But there are others, such as John Boyega and Oscar Isaac. Many of the cast members seemed initially unenthusiastic about making comebacks when asked shortly after "The Rise of Skywalker". But as time has gone on, they became more open to the idea. In at least Ridley's case, culminating in the new project.

There may also be an opportunity for Jodie Comer to make another appearance. Comer caught the eyes of many when she appeared briefly in flashbacks as Rey's mother.

Her character is also, at last check, deceased. But it's not a stretch to think that she could show up again, via flashbacks or otherwise.

New movie is to take place 15 years later

The new film featuring Rey is reportedly taking place 15 years following the end of "The Rise of Skywalker". By this time a seasoned Jedi, she sets out to train others and re-start the Jedi Order in earnest.

The era in the storyline has been dubbed as the 'New Jedi Order' by Lucasfilm. Some have taken to referring to the new project by the same name. But it's unclear if that will actually be its title or not. Yahoo reports that the script is also yet to be finished.

Oscar and Emmy-winning Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has been hired to direct the movie. English screenwriter Steven Knight has been enlisted to pen the script.