Who would sing a heartbreak song better than the one who experienced it? Adele has carved out a niche for her songs by talking about lost love. Currently, her latest album, "30," stands to be the best-selling one of 2021. It was on sale for 6 weeks and sold over 600,000 copies with 80% of the sales on CD and vinyl. Her fourth album is already topping U.K. and U.S. music charts with 450,000 being diverted to physical sales. About 53,000 were recorded as downloads off her 30 album, according to Official Charts Company.

As of December, Adele's "30" was 2021’s top-selling album in the United States.

In November, between the 19th and 21st, more than 500,000 copies of the album had been sold, displacing Taylor Swift’s "Evermore."

Adele makes a comeback after 6-years hiatus

After a 6-year hiatus, Adele bounced back with a new album. It was inspired by her divorce from her ex-husband Simon Konecki. Adele explained that she revealed that she was unhappy in the marriage but was willing to make it work for her son's benefit. She had exposed all that she went through in her marriage in her album. According to her, this would make her son, Angelo, understand her plight when he reached his twenties or thirties.

In the opening song of the 12-track album, the singer serenades fans with her sonorous melodious and lovely instrumentals with "Strangers By Nature" then closes with "Love is a Game" on the same album.

Other songs on the album include "I Drink Wine and Cry Your Heart Out," "Woman Like Me," "Hold On," and "To Be Loved."

Adele moves to purchase Sylvester Stallone's mega-mansion

Meanwhile, the superstar is starting the new year with a huge purchase. She is delving into real estate by buying one of Sylvester Stallone's mansions.

This mansion will be going for a slashed price after the mansion failed to get any buyer at its original price. The mansion, which is 18,857 square feet was originally set to sell at $110 million, but Adele will spend just $58 million on the actor's mega-mansion in Beverly Hills.

Now that Adele's fortune has grown to about 130 million pounds, according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2021, she can conveniently pay for any of the best homes anywhere. Stallone's mansion would add to her achievements even though she is already an owner of a gigantic house in Los Angeles with her son.