Elvis Presley revealed in 1969 he had a major crush on his "Change of Habit" co-star Mary Tyler Moore. However, according to Express Co.UK, Mary Tyler Moore had zero interest in the King.

Elvis, no doubt, had his choice of women throughout his short 42-years. Elvis met Mary for the first time while filming his last film and was completely smitten by the brunette.

Elvis Presley admitted to sleeping with all his female leads, except one

The two worked closely while filming the movie, but things did not go quite as Elvis wanted despite playing each other's love interest in the film.

Presley must have left some impression on Moore during their time together since Moore took the time to mention him in her autobiography.

Moore and Presley were both very famous in 1969. Mary would star in her television sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore" show from 1970-1976. As for Elvis, there are not many in the world who is not familiar with his success.

In her book, Mary wrote of Elvis, stating: “[Elvis] confessed right from the start that he’d had a crush on me since The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Moore added: “He was so shy about it he was literally kicking at the dirt below him as he talked.” The actress described that even though she was a bit younger than Elvis, he called her 'ma'am' out of respect.

Needless to say, the filming came to an end, and while Elvis did not quite have the relationship he had hoped for with the actress, the two became great friends and nothing more.

Elvis Presley crushed by Mary Tyler Moore

In Moore's book, she states that Elvis's last leading lady was in his last film. She recalls Presley telling her that he had slept with every one of his previous leading ladies, all but one.

“I don’t want to bust anyone’s cover, but I know who the ‘one’ is Moore wrote.

This news must have come as quite a shock to Presley's then-wife Priscilla. Elvis and Priscilla married in 1967, divorcing six years-later in 1973, just four years before the King's untimely death in 1977. It has been several decades, and sadly both Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore have since passed.

However, Priscilla often fondly speaks of her beloved late husband Elvis and the many happy times.

Happy moments have been few and far between in the past year for the Presley family. Sadly, Elvis' only child, daughter Lisa Marie Presley tragically lost her only son in July of last year.

Benjamin Storm Keough often referred to as Elvis Presley's look-a-like grandson, died on July 12, 2020, from a self-inflicted gunshot. His death was ruled a suicide and has left Lisa Marie Presley devastated.

Presley family continues to mourn the loss of Lisa Marie Presley's son Ben

Hollywood News Daily reports that Priscilla Presley has stepped up and has been there for her daughter every day since Ben's death.

She wants to make sure that Lisa is coping okay and helps out with Lisa's twin daughters Harper and Finley's household chores and care.

Priscilla admits that she too is healing from the family's loss; she just wants Lisa Marie to know that she is there for her during the family's difficult time.

Lisa's son Benjamin was laid to rest at Graceland in the Meditation Garden, where his grandfather Elvis Presley and great-grandparents Vernon and Glady's Presley are also buried. Lisa Marie admits that the family graveyard is the one place at Graceland that haunts her.

When asked if she planned on being buried at Graceland when her time comes, Lisa stated, “All the graves all lineup. There’s a spot there, waiting for me, right next to my grandmother. I don’t plan on anything. I’m sure I’ll end up there.”