Let's talk about Books! Book reviews, authors news, and upcoming book projects! Subscribe to this channel and never miss an update!


Let's talk about Books! Book reviews, authors news, and upcoming book projects! Subscribe to this channel and never miss an update!

Is there a book you're dying to talk about? Or maybe there is an author you've got the latest scoop on? Join us and share all your bookish ideas and topics on our channel. This is where book lovers come to chat and get quality book reviews and news.

What to expect

The topics are endless when it comes to talking about books. However, here are some suggestions of what you might consider submitting.

Book reviews are a unique way to express your opinion and also help other readers determine what books they might enjoy. Readers tend to read book reviews before purchasing a book simply because they want to know if the investment will be worth it or not. Posting a review is your way of helping to guide readers to what is hot and what is not so hot. You're also showing that you're an expert at picking out quality content and that you're an influencer they should be following. Or maybe you really want to talk about a particular genre. There is often times a lot of talk surrounding specific genres and the impact they have on other authors and society as a whole. Feel free to dive in deep to your genre of choice or discuss how that genre influenced someone else to do something extraordinary.

We can't forget about authors, right? Every day new authors are emerging into the publishing world and readers want to know about them. Maybe your favorite author is doing a book tour and you want to highlight information from that such as where they will be and what is significant about the tour and author themselves. You can also talk about new books the author is releasing or discuss fandoms that have emerged from their book series and how that is impacting people currently. Let's not forget indie authors too! A lot of authors have shied away from the traditional form of publishing and are taking to self-publishing these days. One of the downsides to self-publishing is the lack of marketing that happens for an authors book. If you've recently read a self-published author that you loved, tell us about them!

Infinite possibilities

Feel free to get creative in how you approach the topic of "books" in your articles. This channel is not limited to just book reviews and author talk. Let's explore fandoms, publishing practices, publishing companies, art books, gaming books...etc. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to the discussion of books and you should feel free to explore those options. Set your imagination free and dare to find new and exciting ways to discuss books and the impact they have on readers, culture, and the world.

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