"Sister Wives" star Meri Brown and Kody exist in a deteriorating marriage. But now, she claims her decision to remain isn't based on "religion" or "feelings." Of course, fans can't fathom why she resolutely sticks with the ugly situation. After all, ever since the 2015 catfishing incident, fans saw her increasingly weepy and unhappy. Fans, forever urging her to take down her tent and depart from the family, finally resulted in her telling everyone that she's "not living her life for you."

'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown decision to remain

Over the years, Meri inexplicably said many times that she intends to remain with Kody Brown.

That's despite our report in April last year that she considered a divorce seriously. On Monday, March 23, 2021, she took to her Instagram and gave fans many reasons as to why she lives her life with Kody Brown's family. One thing she mentioned included the fact that she "knows" that she's a "strong and capable woman." Plus, she "knows" her "worth." Elaborating further, she reminded them that she feels "capable" about "decisions." Additionally, her decision to remain with Kody is not "based on money, not based on religion, not based on feelings."

Many "Sister Wives" fans simply don't believe her. After all, it's not that long ago that she stayed because of the stand by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

In fact, she took an oath to be Kody's wife for all eternity. And, if she breaks the bond with the other wives and the family, then everyone suffers spiritually. It also means that she can't stay in contact with all the kids or her other spiritual wives. In the comments section of Monday's post, one fan said, "are you saying that you’re just fine with the way he treats you and for all of us to mind our own business?

I’m confused."

'Sister Wives' fans think Meri can't know her 'worth'

One early commenter felt that Meri Brown seems a bit paradoxical. They talked about her knowing her "own worth." Their comment read, "If you knew your worth you would not put up with Cody's dislike for you he is telling the whole world, (sic)." Of course, that stems from the fact that Kody told the world he no longer dates Meri.

And, he can't be bothered wasting time on her. They no longer share a bed as a man and wife. And last season, he actually said that he regrets marrying her, claiming he felt "conned into it."

The "Sister Wives" star appears on the show every year. And Meri Brown suffers so much humiliation from Kody, that some fans believe she could only do it for the money. However, she claims that's not the case. And actually, she seemed very independent financially anyway. Super-successful on LuLaRue, she also owns her own BNB, the Lizzie's Heritage Inn. That's the main reason fans urge her to depart from Kody and find someone who loves her, and only her.

What are your thoughts on her recent claim?

What are your thoughts on Meri Brown remaining with Kody?

Do you believe that her religion has got nothing to do with it? After all, she previously decided that there were religious principles behind staying with the family. Sound off your comments section.

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