"Secret Invasion" is an upcoming project within the setting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though at this point, it's not part of the cinematic division of the universe. Instead, it's slated to be a series airing on Disney+.

There have already been several Marvel series announced for Disney+, with two of them having premiered. A number of major casting decisions have been announced for "Secret Invasion". Including one regarding a familiar face for people who've cued up "Game of Thrones" episodes over the years.

Emilia Clarke joins the cast

English actress Emilia Clarke has been cast in "Secret Invasion", according to Yahoo and Entertainment Weekly.

She joins an ensemble including Marvel veterans Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn. As well as Olivia Colman and Kingsley Ben-Adir. Of the newcomers, Ben-Adir has been tapped to play a villain. While it hasn't yet been announced who Clarke and Colman are set to play.

Clarke rose to stardom with the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the series "Game of Thrones". For her performance, she received widespread acclaim and several Primetime Emmy Award nominations. She's not the only alum of the series to find their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans left deeply dissatisfied by the panned "Thrones" conclusion have been hoping for some on-screen reunions. Including between Clarke and close friend Kit Harington.

It remains to be seen if their characters of Daenerys and Jon get a "fix-it". But Harington has already joined the MCU in the role of Black Knight. Making a potential on-screen reunion possible in a different franchise. Harington and another former "Thrones" star, Richard Madden, star in Marvel upcoming theatrical release, "The Eternals".

Other projects Emilia Clarke has starred in include "Solo: A Star Wars Story". There have also been a number of reports that she's been considered for roles in the DC Extended Universe. It's unclear if her joining Marvel might affect that or not.

'Secret Invasion' is to be focused on the Skrulls

Marvel fans have become acquainted with the characters know as Skrulls.

Whose abilities include that of being able to alter the physical appearances and voices. They've been featured before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Including turning out to play pivotal roles in "Captain Marvel" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home".

The Skrulls made their comic book as a foil against the Fantastic Four. It was in the second-ever issue headlined by the team that's become iconic. The Skrulls' main rivals have in more recent years been generally portrayed as being the Kree.

A storyline in the comics also entitled "Secret Invasion" is at least partially the inspiration for the new series. In it, a number of traditional Marvel characters are replaced in their roles by Skrull characters.