"Stranger Things" has become one of history's most significant and most-watched television hits – arguably the most successful project to originate from Netflix or possibly any other streaming service.

The original series that launched it all is getting ready for its last curtain call. But plans to continue and expand the "Stranger Things" universe has already commenced. Details on what all that might mean have been kept guarded by Matt and Ross Duffer, the series creators. Reports, though, are beginning to emerge on potentially one of, if not the next, franchise installment.

An animated series set in Japan is apparently in the works

A new animated "Stranger Things" series is in development, reports What's on Netflix. They also say that the show "Stranger Things Tokyo" is planned to run roughly six hours long.

As the title would likely suggest, early indicators are that it would be based in Tokyo. Where a pair of video game-loving brothers discover the Upside Down. A parallel universe that's very familiar to fans of the original series. Their brush with the Upside Down "evolves into a grand adventure for" the brothers in question. Similar to the original, "Stranger Things Tokyo" is expected to be set during the 1980s.

As noted by Dark Horizons, the "Stranger Things" franchise has dabbled in animation already.

But if this project comes to fruition, it would likely be its most significant play in the format thus far. There are also apparently other works set in the same universe currently in varying stages of development. Kevin Feige, the principal behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has advised on how to grow and connect things.

The Duffers had previously stated that the first spin-off would be "1,000 percent different" from the initial show. And that only they and original series star Finn Wolfhard knew what it would be. It's not necessarily apparent if the Tokyo series is what they were referring to. But it could fit the bill.

Already-established cast and characters should perhaps not be anticipated to be part of the Tokyo project.

Being set during the same time frame but on the other side of the planet could make it challenging. However, they haven't been excluded from being featured in other spin-offs. There has been open support from within the cast for a potential series centered on fan-favorites Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley.

Production for the next season of 'Stranger Things' is scheduled to begin in 2023

The upcoming, and reportedly final, season of "Stranger Things" is set to start filming mid-next year. Its most recent season was released in over two parts in 2022. Mostly, it was met with overwhelming positivity from fans and critics alike. Some elements, such as the resurgence of a particular love triangle, landed with a thud.

But overall, it was a smashing success, setting a new standard for viewership records. It also brought several 1980s-era musical tracks back to the charts. Part one would receive several Primetime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, winning five. Part two was not released to be eligible for the 2022 Awards.

The second part ended on a sizable cliffhanger. I was setting the stages for a momentous concluding chapter. And perhaps even more chapters beyond that.