Nintendo and Universal have just unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming animated "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." This computer generated feature marks the third theatrical film adaption of one of the most famous video game properties of all time. This newest film is a collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment, with heavy involvement of series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. This second trailer showcases more of the Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants.

They're the Mario Brothers and Plumbing's their game

For the uninitiated, the "Super Mario" franchise revolves around a portly plumber and his quests to protect the Mushroom Kingdom.

The characters of Mario, Donkey Kong, and Pauline were created by Miyamoto when Kings Features Syndicate denied the company the rights to make a game based on "Popeye the Sailor." "Donkey Kong" was a massive success, paving the way for a series of games that would shift the focus away from the simian and more on its lead.

From its arcade origins, the series evolved and innovated, with each installment providing the blueprints for platformers in the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. May of these titles consist of some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, with "Super Mario Bros 3" and "Galaxy" sporting Metacritic ratings of 94 and 97 percent, respectively.

It wasn't long until the brothers' exploits caught the attention of Hollywood.

"Super Mario Bros" received a Japanese animated adaption in 1986 and an American live-action film starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the eponymous brothers in 1993. The live-action film was directed by a husband and wife duo Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel and faced a tumultuous development. It eventually became a box office bomb that was panned by critics for its convoluted narrative and tonal inconsistency.

Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper, and Shigeru Miyamoto have all voiced regrets over the final product. It wouldn't be until several decades later that Nintendo would ever try their hand at another cinematic adaption of their famous mascot.

Found the secret warp zone while working on the drain

Following the box office success of video game movie blockbusters such as "Detective Pikachu" and "Sonic the Hedgehog," "The Super Mario Bros.

Movie" will be an animated family adventure in the same vein. The second trailer shows more of the series iconography such as Donkey Kong, the Yoshi clan, and even Rainbow Road from the "Mario Kart" games. There's also some dialogue from the likes of Anna Taylor Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Chris Pratt as the mustachioed hero himself. The film is slated for a theatrical release on April 7th of next year.