Superman and his alter egos Clark Kent and Kal-El are among the most recognizable fictional characters the world has ever known. Similar can be said about the great love of his life, Lois Lane.

Several actors and actresses have taken on the roles over the decades. Including at present Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in the series "Superman & Lois", which airs on The CW. The most recent cinematic embodiments of the characters were done by Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. Both of whom would be popular fans. And Cavill at the very least had been expected to return in a headlining role until he very suddenly wasn't anymore.

Recent changes at Warner Bros. and DC Studios were evidently the reason for the abrupt change. And now the new choices for Superman and Lois have been announced.

Corenswet, Brosnahan cast in the roles

The Hollywood Reporter and CNN have given word that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan are taking on the iconic roles. Both are apparently to make their debuts in the upcoming feature film "Superman: Legacy". The movie is currently scheduled to begin production in early 2024, aiming for a summer 2024 theatrical release.

David Corenswet is the grandson of author Edward Packard. Packard is the creator of the famed "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of books. Corenswet was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and eventually graduated from the Juilliard School.

Prior to his Superman casting, he was probably best-known for his roles on the Netflix series "The Politician" and "Hollywood". He is also slated to appear in the forthcoming Apple TV+ series "Lady in the Lake" On the cinematic side, Corenswet is among the cast members of the upcoming sequel to "Twister" and the musical "The Greatest Hits".

Rachel Brosnahan is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her aunt was the noted fashion designer Kate Spade. Brosnahan is a graduate of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. She would be nominated for an Emmy and a SAG Award for her work on the Netflix series "House of Cards". Later, she was cast in the titular role on the Prime Video series "The Marvelous Mrs.

Maisel". For which she has won an Emmy, two Golden Globes, three SAG Awards and a Critics' Choice Award. To go along with several other accolades.

Superman arch-enemy Lex Luthor is also believed to be included in "Superman: Legacy". Recent reports have indicated that brothers Alexander and Bill Skarsgard are the top favorites for the role.

Supposed to be the formal launch of the DC Universe

"Superman: Legacy" is reportedly to feature its title character going on a journey, learning to reconcile his Earthly and Kryptonian heritages. In addition, the movie is expected to introduce the Authority. As many DC Comics fans know, the Authority is a group of powerful anti-heroes. Their oft-times cynical attitudes set the stage for a clash with the hopeful idealism that Superman generally supplies.

The movie is being called the official start of the DC Universe. A name coined for the new chapter of DC cinematic adaptations. Although it remains to be seen how much of the already-existing DC Extended Universe might play a part in it.

DC's most recent stretch of Movies began in earnest with "Man of Steel" a decade ago. Zack Snyder was at least to a certain extent meant to oversee what the studio hoped would compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After an indisputable huge success with "Wonder Woman" a few years later, the order was disrupted.

Snyder understandably departed following the tragic death of his daughter partway through the production of "Justice League". Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the film.

Whedon's influence was largely panned by critics and fans alike. Along with the cast, who also quite famously didn't enjoy Whedon on a personal level either.

Several ensuing DC projects would become big hits. But others – too many for comfort – would struggle. At times financially, others critically, or maybe both. James Gunn was hired to take a role similar to what Snyder's had been. Gunn previously experienced immense popularity with Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" titles.

Several other DC releases are apparently in early stages of development.