Avril Lavigne brought back the 2000s in a very big way. She joined TikTok on Monday, June 21, featuring legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, and ignited the internet with the song that started her musical career.

The debut on TikTok comes as no surprise, giving the popularity of the app. Lavigne did lip sync and a rendition of her hit song while sitting on a skate ramp. In addition, she wore a loose tie as a reference to the music of that time.

The first part of the music video shows her, and the second part of the music clip shows Hawk skating on the ramp.

Coincidentally, when the camera transitions to him, it shows him wearing the same loose tie.

Lavigne initial reception, comments, and metrics on TikTok

The first post has caught fire on TikTok. To date, it has 22.3 million views, 4.8 million likes, and over 100k in comments.

Alexis Benveniste, CNN Business Reporter, tweeted the video out, setting the Twitterverse on fire. In addition, lots of verified TikTok creators commented on the video on release day.

Some of these well-known content creators who left a revering comment included the likes Badflowerjosh, Lauren Paley, Followmeaway, Steve Aoki, etc.

Some comments were as follows: "I don't think you understand how obsessed I am,"I learned how to play guitar to this album...," "YOU ARE FINALLY HERE!!! YASSSSS 2000s MUSIC."

According to the Independent, fans on Twitter said this collaboration took them back to the early-mid 2000s.

In other words, everybody who was a teen and listened to Lavigne in this era just got a large dose of nirvana.

Lavigne went on a hiatus?

As it turns out, the Canadian-born singer took a leave from music. As reported by Yahoo Entertainment, she took a break because she battled Lyme disease. This forever changed the singer's life, and was diagnosed in 2014.

This does explain her surprising absence.

In 2020, Lavigne talked to Access Hollywood's Sibley Scoles via Zoom and confirmed she is working on a new single, "We Are Warriors." Are you expecting new music? As it turns out, Lavigne's website has a message for you: "Album coming soon!"

Takeaways and conclusions

Lavigne's debut came at an impeccable time. With the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm, a flash from the past is what we all need.

The upcoming album is sure to dazzle fans. Her reappearance is certainly going to inspire a new generation of fans, and her arrival on TikTok is no coincidence. Stay tuned to her website as her new album is coming soon.