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When it comes to the news today, everyone loves hearing about their favorite celebrities. This can be anyone from the Kardashians to movie stars like Sylvester Stallone and even politicians. Celebrities are constantly getting in trouble, having babies and also doing amazing things that put them in the news every single day. Jade Roper of "Bachelor in Paradise" just had a baby with her new husband Tanner Tolbert and John Stamos shocked the world with his naked birthday picture.

We have lived in a society that has loved celebrities since the first Hollywood productions. Now that you can follow your favorite celebrities on social networks, the fans can get their dose of news every single day, and it is a lot easier to keep up with what your favorites are doing from day to day. You can always follow them.

If you are a celebrity fanatic, then you will remember the day Lamar Odom ended up in the hospital after being found in a brothel along with things like the shocking death of Cory Monteith of "Glee." No one will forget when the news broke that O.J. Simpson, Martha Stewart, Abby Lee Miller and more were headed to prison. Fans had mourned losses along with celebrating victories like when Oprah Winfrey lost a ton of weight, Thomas Rhett announced he was adopting a baby and also had one on the way, and Prince Harry found love with actress Meghan Markle.

Television has created new celebrities such as talk show hosts, judges on reality shows and the families that have let viewers into their lives by letting a camera follow them around for a reality show. Several of these celebrities have gone on to write their books about their lives.

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