The second season of "Stargirl" is set to premiere on August 10. "Stargirl" comes on the heels of the CW's "Arrow" bowing out along with "Black Lightning" and the remaining episodes of "Supergirl" will return in August. The new season will focus on the mystery of Starman and if he's still alive with the premiere adding to this mystery with Joel McHale showing up in the premiere. The mystery of McHale's role continues to grow as he sure acts and looks like the late JSA member Sylvester Pemberton. The season will open with McHale's character making his way to town but it's to be noted that he won't be seen again for several episodes.

Season three has already been picked up as the CW has renewed all their shows, not including the ones in their final seasons. In an interview with TVLine, EP Geoff Johns dishes that he always loved the slow-burning subplots in comic books and complimented TVLine's question about McHale's character actually being a seed that they've planted for season three. McHale is expected to be seen in upcoming flashbacks to the JSA which was teased about further to be featuring John Wesley Shipp.

The series stars Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Meg DeLacy, and Nick Tarabay.

Spoilers for 'Stargirl' season 2

Geoff Johns teased Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming plans for season two.

The new season will dip into the horror genre. The usually bubbly coming-of-age drama will be providing a few scares courtesy of new villain Eclipso (played by Nick Tarabay). The new season will kick off with an opening scene that will provide a few scares and serve as a way to inform fans that there will be a shift in tone that is scary and dark.

The episode will then veer into Courtney (Stargirl) and her friends as they patrol at night but their searches keep coming up empty as nothing seems to be happening in town. Johns shared that the characters will be facing the summertime blues at the start of the series. The EP assured that the season will still be humorous and fun but it was important to the writers that they set up the tone right away to let the fans know the season will be scary.

The EP also revealed that he took from the things that inspired him as a kid such as “Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Lost Boys.”

Geoff Johns continued in his interview with EW about how Eclipso is a villain from the comics during the 1960s and was a demonic force similar in tone to Freddy Krueger or Pennywise. The “Stargirl” team will be going up against this new villain that has the ability to get inside their heads and will be aiming to expose their fears and regrets. It will be up to the heroes to stop him in a classic story about darkness vs light. Johns added that it was difficult to balance the different tones this season but it was their opportunity to crack into all of the characters. The EP teased that everyone has a powerful and really personal storyline this season.

Expect the characters to face some new challenges as the writers lean into the genre of horror and the element of suspense. Nick Tarabay will be in horrifying makeup which is a sight that will be revealed a little deeper into the season and will be a moment that the start of the season will build up to. Johns' hope is that when the episode arrives fans will be both happy and scared.

Jay Garrick to arrive on 'Stargirl'

The new season will include the first official crossover between “Stargirl” and the Arrowverse with the arrival of John Wesley Shipp who will appear in episode nine. He will be reprising his role of Jay Garrick and will show up as the Golden Age version of the speedster which will establish him as a member of the Justice Society of America.

The JSA was first seen in "Legends of Tomorrow" which featured a death-defying JSA in season two. The world of “Stargirl” takes place on Earth-2, and is separate from the combined universe that Kara Danvers, Barry Allen, the Legends, and John Diggle share. EP Geoff Johns shared with TVLine that this mini-crossover will connect their universe with the other shows within the Arrowverse which will officially make them part of a grander world. The EP added that the introduction of Garrick will provide a way for them to eventually interact with other characters from the Arrowverse shows and teased that when they eventually do have these characters show up, it'll be in their own special “Stargirl” way.

The CW is well-known for their vast amount of DC shows which are in a separate world from the DC Extended Universe in the films. Johns went on to share that The Flash was his favorite superhero as a kid and that he was blown away by Shipp on the original 1990 series of “The Flash.”

First episodes of 'Stargirl' spoilers

The CW has released descriptions for the first two episodes of season two. Episode one “Summer School: Chapter One” finds Pat suggesting that for the upcoming summer break they take a family vacation as he attempts to keep Courtney (Brec Bassinger) from thinking more about being Stargirl than about school. Elsewhere in the episode, Beth (Anjelika Washington) is trying to reconnect with Chuck and discovering a secret her parents have kept from her while Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) struggles with Brainwave's death and Rick (Cameron Gellman) continues to track down Solomon Grundy's whereabouts in secret.

The episode will air on August 10.

Episode two “Summer School: Chapter Two” finds Courtney continuing her search for evil in town which takes a twist when a surprise visitor shows up at their house. Barbara (Amy Smart) and Pat (Luke Wilson) become concerned when they receive a visit from an antique collector. The episode will also find Cindy (Meg DeLacy) enacting her plan.