Available since September 17 on Netflix, "Sex Education" season 3 was eagerly awaited by fans and did not disappoint. It will logically get a new season next year or in 2023. The sexual and sentimental adventures of the young people of Moordale High School have reached the top spot in Netflix's famous Top 10 in many countries, as Forbes noted recently. This popular success is also confirmed by the critics, who are heaping praise for this original production.

With a more political tone, including a critique of abstinence incentives in schools, and more in-depth relationships between Ruby and Otis or Eric and Adam, season 3 delivered on all its promises.

It also brought its share of new characters and new settings to extend the exploration of minds and bodies as finely as ever.

If you haven't clicked on "Sex Education" on Netflix yet, here are some aggregated scores to inspire you: 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.3/10 on IMDB.

'Sex Education': season 4 confirmed

The freshness of the tone and the talent of the actors have made their effect. Netflix confirmed the renewal of the series and the production of season 4 during its TUDUM event, a global meeting dedicated to the future releases of the streaming service.

Created by Laurie Nunn, "Sex Education" explores sex and the questions it raises without taboos for teenagers and adults. At once comical, dramatic, and didactic, the series brings a fresh look at the relationships between teens, adults and how our sexual identities are constructed.

Homosexuality, gender, fetishism, marriage, motherhood, one-night stands... Everything is covered, carried by chiseled and surprising writing.

Here's the official announcement from Netflix!

The age of reason?

After three seasons and as many years of production, the question of the age of the actors is emerging. Asa Butterfield, who plays Otis, recently declared in Cosmopolitan UK: "I would love to do a season 4 of Sex Education because we have so much fun on this show...And at the same time, we've been doing it for three years now, and I'd be happy to say goodbye to these characters...

We'll see what we do. To tell you the truth, I don't know yet..."

Indeed, while most of the characters are 17-18 years old in the show, "Sex Education" actors are much older! And season 4 won't help. According to Buzzfeed, Asa Butterfield is 24. Emma Mackey? 25. Ncuti Gatwa? 28! Gillian Anderson, who plays Otis' mother with talent, is 53 years old, which seems more realistic.

Emma Mackey, portraying Maeve Wiley, also spoke about this in Hunger Magazine: "Sex Education is so momentous as a concept, as a show, and the cast is phenomenal. I genuinely care about them all a lot, and I made lifelong friends. But the bittersweet nature of it is that I also can't be 17 my whole life."

'Sex Education': what's next

Season 4 of "Sex Education" will therefore be the last one according to the actors. But will the leading couple come back? It's not certain. Warning, slight spoilers follow.

The situation is dire for the characters of "Sex Education." Maeve has left for the United States, Moordale is closing, Eric and Adam broke up, Jean Milburn has not disclosed the identity of the father...

Maybe college will be the new playground in season 4, with an Americanized version of Maeve returning, probably less punk and English.

We can also imagine that she will have found a partner on the other side of the Atlantic... And what's going to happen to Jean or to Adam? Who knows? In any case, it will be the moment for everyone to say goodbye to these characters and thank them for their service in advancing the cause of a better, healthier approach to sex.