The fictional character of super-spy James Bond came on the scene in 1962. Ian Fleming created him as a member of the British spy agency. He had powers to make his own decisions and had the license to kill when necessary. Most of his assignments related to espionage, and he had to foil the opponents' designs.

His agency provided him with special weapons to succeed, and he had to deliver at any cost. The concept of Movies related to espionage changed with the arrival of James Bond. He was a man of action with a weakness for fast cars and beautiful women.

The 25th James Bond movie was "No Time to Die." Daniel Craig (53) stepped down after "No Time to Die" and the vacant slot. The producers want to continue with the iconic character that remains relevant even sifter six decades.

Many names are doing the rounds, and Idris Elba (49) appears to be one of the favorites who could don the mantle of the spy. Executive producer Barbara Broccoli (61) dropped hints that Idris is still running for 007. He is "part of the conversation" to play a role in her words.

Daniel Craig signed off from the James Bond franchise

After "No Time to Die," Daniel Craig bid goodbye to the Bond franchise. Barbara wants him to reap the benefits. Speaking to a section of the media, she made it clear that she would not broach the subject of the actor who would appear in the role of 007, the spy who has the license to kill.

She wants the 25th James Bond movie to have its run.

On the subject of Idris, she says: "Well, we know Idris, we're friends with him, and he's a magnificent actor." He could fill the void, but he revealed that he had yet to receive an offer last year. There are rumors that he will be in the next Bond movie, and the role could be a completely original character.

Other contenders are actors like Tom Hardy, Regé-Jean Page, and Henry Cavill. Idris is currently shooting the feature-length film of Luther's crime drama in the U.K. In September 2019, there was speculation on whether a female could take on the role of James Bond.

The producers of James Bond could rope in British actor Idris Elba

James Bond is one of the most sought-after roles in cinema. Daniel Craig was the last actor who had portrayed the role in the 25th Bond movie. Producer Barbara Broccoli indicated that a section of fans wants to see "Idris Elba in a tuxedo."

Barbara produced the last nine Bond films with her brother Michael G Wilson. Idris Elba is one of the leading candidates who could don the mantle of 007. Elba is now busy with the crime drama Luther. He has already appeared in many Hollywood movies. A media news of January 2019 mentioned that Justin Hartley of the TV series "This is us" was short-listed for the replacement of Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Idris Elba could be the seventh actor to play James Bond

The fictional British super-spy James Bond has been there for six decades, and six actors have portrayed the role. They are Sean Connery (7), Roger Moore (7), Daniel Craig (5), Pierce Brosnan (4), Timothy Dalton (1), and George Lazenby (1). The first movie was "Dr. No" in 1962 with Sean Connery, and the 25th one was "No Time To Die" in 2021 with Daniel Craig.

During the last six decades, the global scenario has changed, but James Bond has remained the savior to outwit those who want to harm the world. If Idris Elba gets the nod, he would be the seventh actor to play James Bond. He has appeared in films like "Concrete Cowboy," "Pacific Rim" and "Thor: Ragnarok."