Luxembourg is a small European nation. The landlocked country is located between Belgium, Germany and France. While smaller in size, Luxembourg has been a crucial member of organizations including NATO, the EU and the OECD.

But the proud country does have fewer resources at its disposal than many others do. A fact that recently came into play when it was time for world leaders to gather in Lithuania. Particularly in regards to air travel.

Chartered British rock band's private plane

Luxembourg's delegation arrived in Lithuania for a NATO summit in a conspicuous fashion.

As indicated by RTL and Politico, they showed in an airplane typically used by electronic rock band Depeche Mode. The plane was emblazoned with the band's logo, of which the defining feature is a sizable red skull.

Not surprisingly, this was not the initial plan. Luxembourg does not lay claim to a large fleet of aircraft like larger countries typically do. Evidently, the intention was to book a flight through the European Air Transport Command. A military transport born from seven member states of the European Union. Luxembourg being among them.

But things didn't quite work out that way. For one reason or another, there weren't enough planes appropriate for the circumstances available through the EATC.

Meaning some quick re-arranging and thinking had to be done on the fly, no pun intended. As it would turn out, the Depeche Mode plane was a viable option. The ensuing necessary arrangements were successfully agreed to.

The jet's appearance apparently turned head among the press corps at the Lithuania airport. The band itself joined in on the fun, posting about it on social media.

Among Luxembourg's delegation of dignitaries were some of its most prominent politicians. Including Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Foreign and European Affairs Minister Jean Asselborn and Defence Minister Francois Bausch.

Bettel is one of the longest-serving leaders in Europe. He is in addition the minister for communications and media, religious affairs, digitalisation and administrative reform.

Bettel was previously the mayor of Luxembourg City, the country's capital and most populous city.

Depeche Mode was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020

What would be Depeche Mode originally formed in Basildon, England in the London area during the 1970s. Its membership has changed on a number of occasions over the years. But altogether it's been listed by outlets such as Billboard and VH1 as one of the greatest music artists of all-time.

Depeche Mode's best-known song is almost certainly "Enjoy the Silence". In 1991, the song was named the Brit Awards' Best British Single recipient. The band also won a Grammy Award in 2018 and has been nominated for five others.