Dwayne Johnson is a former wrestler and an actor in Hollywood. He has always wanted to be in the role of a superhero. CNN says he has faced roadblocks on the way. However, he has moved one step closer to getting the tag of a superhero. He has announced that the DC Comics movie “Black Adam” will debut in July 2022. This will be good news to his fans as well the world of Movies. Coronavirus has devastated this branch of entertainment. The need to follow guidelines in order to prevent the spread of infection has throttled the industry. It has forced many producers to postpone release of their movies in cinema halls.

The general advice of the medics is to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded places. This is not easy to follow because moviegoers come to cinema halls to relax and enjoy the performances. They want people around them and not empty seats. Obviously, many movie makers have kept the release of their films in abeyance. In fact, “No Time to Die,” a movie on James Bond has been waiting for release since November 2020.

About the movie 'Black Adam'

Dwayne Johnson will portray the role of a powerful villain in the movie “Black Adam.” He wants to redeem himself. The movie will see him make his debut as the DC character. Johnson is the enemy of Shazam and Zachary Levi portrays the role. In May 2017, Dwayne Johnson teased about a fight between Black Adam and Superman in “Shazam.” Johnson had dropped hints in 2019 about the project.

He had admitted the role of Black Adam was something totally new. His words were - "unlike any other I've ever played in my career." CNN adds Johnson admitted in a social media platform that in his childhood, he had wanted to be Superman. However, as he grew up, he realized that it would be difficult to take on such a role.

The reason was simple. Superman was the hero while he was more rebellious.

Uncertainty remains in the movie world

Dwayne Johnson explains that Black Adam is a character who has the powers of Superman. However, he defines his own boundaries. In short, he wants freedom and does not toe the mark or walk the line. He is rebellious and does what he feels is right for the people.

December 2021 was the release date of "Black Adam" but Warner Brothers revised the release schedule in October 2020. CNN goes on to add the revised release date means it would be on the same weekend as the fifth “Indiana Jones” movie of Disney. There is news that Pierce Brosnan will appear in the cast as Doctor Fate. Other names doing the rounds are Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell and Noah Centineo.

'Black Adam' will be a movie with a difference

According to Variety, Dwayne Johnson revealed the release date of “Black Adam” before a NCAA tournament game between UCLA and Alabama. He announced in a short ad - “The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change.” The story revolves around an anti-hero of the same name.

Dwayne Johnson portrays the role of Black Adam, who came to the forefront via DC Comics in the 1940s. The stories depict him as a power-corrupt villain. He gradually transforms into an anti-hero by the 2000s who loves to disregard rules and conventions. It seems Pierce Brosnan will appear in the film as Dr. Fate. This will be his first ever role as a superhero. Kent Nelson is his other identity. He is described as a founding member of the Justice Society and can gain superpowers when he wears the magical Helmet of Fate. The responsibility of direction lies with Jaume Collet-Serra. He had directed Johnson in Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” alongside Emily Blunt. Scriptwriters include Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani and Adam Sztykiel. In May last year, Dwayne Johnson said he was very proud of his daughter Simone for following in his footsteps. She is training to become a wrestler.