Millie Bobby Brown shot to fame as an actress with her role as Eleven on Netflix's "Stranger Things". Among other accolades, Brown has to this point been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for the role. Including sharing the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series with her castmates.

Brown has appeared in various other projects over the years. She has also taken on a number of other ventures along the way. Recently, she announced another new project of hers, with a perhaps uniquely personal twist.

Authoring an upcoming novel

The Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo indicate that Millie Bobby Brown is set to become a published author. The Book is slated to hit shelves in September of this year. William Morrow and Company, an imprint of HarperCollins, has acquired the publishing rights in the U.S. and Canada. Another HarperCollins imprint, HQ, gained the rights for the UK and a various other countries.

The novel is entitled "Nineteen Steps." Its plot was inspired by stories shared by Brown's later grandmother, who was in London during World War II. She was present at the tragic crush disaster at Bethnal Green tube station during the London Blitz.

Though openly based on her family history, Brown has opted to use different names for characters in the book.

The main character, based on her grandmother, is instead named Nellie Morris. An early summary from HarperCollins has also named a couple of other characters. One is Ray, an American airman whom Nellie finds romance. Another is Billy, an air raid warden and Nellie's next-door neighbor.

In her announcement, Brown said that "this book is very personal and close to my heart.

I grew up listening to stories about [Ruth's] time living through the war." "I'm honored to keep her story alive," she added.

The Bethnal Green Tube Disaster occurred in 1943. It is thought to be the UK's largest loss of civilian life in a single World War II event. Many were seeking shelter from after an air raid siren went off.

The stairs to the station were blacked out, and a woman and child fell. In a domino effect, others around them also began to fall. In the dark and tight space, panic was triggered in the crowd, leading to a stampede. In the end, more than 170 people were crushed to death and dozens of others seriously injured.

Has become a regular on Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown is set to take on the role of Eleven at least one more time. The final season of the original series of "Stranger Things" is schedule to go into production soon. Other projects in the franchise are also in the works. Whether or not Brown would be a part of them remains to be seen. There were recent reports that she'd turned down an offer to appear in an upcoming movie in the franchise.

The reports were quickly declared false by "Stranger Things" creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

Brown has become one of Netflix's mainstays since debuting in her most famous role. Including both starring in and producing the "Enola Holmes" movies. She also has at least two more projects with the company coming down the pike. Her best-known non-Netflix work is almost certainly her role in two of the recent Godzilla movies.