"90 Day Fiancè" cast, Big Ed took to his Instagram to share a photo of his fellow cast David Toborowsky. The two of them wore a black t-shirt and black jeans. He went down in the caption to say, "David is one killer view."

Toborowsky commented on the post, saying, "Love ya brother. Wish I had that much hair."

One of his fans commented, "I'm fan-girling so bad over y'all hanging out!"

Another fan asked, "Can I come hang out with you guys?"

David Toborowsky posted the same photo and went down in the caption, saying, "We had a great time. Big Ed is so down to earth.

I guess it helps when you're so close to it. Seriously he so enjoyable to be around. For the record, nobody tried to Halik anyone. Welcome to Scottsdale."

Big Ed and Annie made a video

Big Ed also posted a Tiktok video of him and Annie, wife to David Toborowsky. The voice was cut from one of the most popular scenes on "90 Day Fiancé," where David told his ex-girlfriend, Rose, that she was his best view.

A fan commented, "So glad Ross said her goodbye." Another fan said he was getting desperate.

Big Ed was in a relationship with Rose Vega, a mother of one. The duo was not the best match on the show as their first meeting was Rose discovering that Big Ed had lied about his appearance. Later on, they went to her hometown, the Philippines, where Big Ed noticed that she and her family were poor and began to wonder if she was using him for the visa.

Also, Big Ed had so many things to complain about during his stay in the Philippines. He immediately complained about the heat in the place and went on to complain about the leaking roof and lack of plumbing in the house.

The "90 Day Fiance" reality star later said he would like her to do an STI test and revealed that he couldn't have children.

Rose finally had enough and brutally ended it with Big Ed.

Kenneth Niedermeier called David and Ed a power couple

Kenneth, a fellow cast on the TLC show and fiance to Armando, commented on David's post, "Power couple." David replied to his comment, thanking him and telling him that he and Armando were the real deal. Kenneth and Armando are the first successful same-gender couple on the show.

The duo caught the attention of viewers when they showed how healthy their love was. They fought hard to get their marriage license in Mexico, and it was an emotional moment for them and their fans when their marriage license was finally approved.

What do you think of David and Annie Toborowsky? What do you think of David and Big Ed? What do you think of Kenneth and Armando? What do you think of Kenneth calling David and Big Ed a power couple? Do you think Toborowsky and Big Ed have a genuine friendship? What do you think of the video Big Ed and Annie made?