An International setup like a Space Station has been busy with missions to the moon and Mars. It will now become a film studio and sports arena.

Space Entertainment Enterprise SEE is a London-based firm that plans to use the facility to make Movies. It would make a new dedicated film studio and sports arena. The studio could go in for a module to broadcast a wide variety of entertainment programs. The basic philosophy of the sky lab is to ensure scientists from all over the world can work together for a common cause. However, the lab could soon get a new identity.

Axiom Space would build a studio in the ISS. It will be an inflated spherical module and open to third parties to make film and TV. There is no disclosure about the financial implications. The module will launch and attach to the station in 2024.

Incidentally, SEE is in partnership with Tom Cruise for a movie. The International Space Station ISS would be a prop for portions of the movie. The association of NASA with the ISS will remain up to 2030. Russia has also indicated a renewed commitment to remain with the space station.

An example of commercialization of the Space Station

There is an evident change in the policy of the International Space Station. The preliminary design of the sky lab was to research humans, animals, plants in relation to space.

It was the first step of testing the behavior of living beings in space and the changes their bodies have to endure in an alien environment. Astronauts learned to walk in space and repair the laboratory. They came from different countries with varied backgrounds and worked for a common goal irrespective of their political differences.

The intention was to gain knowledge and spread it for the sake of humanity. ISS is now poised to undertake other movie-making activities. The first all-private astronaut crew is set to launch next month. Subsequently, commercial stations will be orbiting the Earth. One of these would be from Axiom Space, which will include SEE-1.

It will set a new trend by making available content and entertainment studios and a multi-purpose arena. In November 2020, the International Space Station celebrated two decades of humans in space.

The Space Station will provide infrastructure for movie production

Movies and events produced by SEE will use this platform. Others can also share it for hosting and filming their events. SEE-1 could be operational by December 2024. It will be a part of the ISS and will separate in 2028. Michael Suffredini is the President and CEO of Axiom Space. He has high hopes for his firm.

Tom Cruise will use the space station to shoot his film

According to Sky News, UK-based Space Entertainment Enterprise SEE will tread a new movie-making path.

It will use the facilities of the International Space Station to shoot a film starring Tom Cruise in space. However, he will not be the first to shoot a movie in space.

The Russians have already done it. Their film is about a surgeon who has to carry out an operation on a cosmonaut. It was shot on the ISS over 12 days and will release this year. SEE will allow film producers to make movies while orbiting the Earth. Axiom Station will handle the module's construction, and it will break free of the ISS by 2028. Obviously, it will add a new dimension to movie making.