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Trump supporters triggered on Twitter after NYT runs ad during Academy Awards

Supporters of Donald Trump were triggered across social media after the New York Times ran a TV ad in the middle of the Academy Awards show.
The feud between President Donald Trump and the mainstream news media continues to escalate on a daily basis. With the New York Times becoming one of the president's top media targets, the newspaper decided to response with a TV ad during the 89th annual Academy Awards. NYT on Trump Donald Trump has made it no secret that he is not a fan of the media, as he's recently labeled any and all news he doesn't agree with as "fake news." During his campaign for president, Trump made a habit out of bashing the press, referring to reporters and journalists as "terrible" and "the most dishonest" people he's ever met. Over the last week, Trump has singled out the New York Times on more than one occasion, bashing the paper during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last Friday, while later banning them from a White House press briefing along with other news outlets. In response, the New York Times ran their first television ad in nearly a decade, placing it in the middle of...
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