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'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: New hints claim Hit could be the new Super Warrior

Could this new hint be more proof that Hit is not really eliminated in the Tournament of Power of 'Dragon Ball Super?'
The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is now moving to its second half. The first part was excellent and one of its highlights is the back-to-back episodes that featured the epic fight between Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray and Universe 7’s Son Goku. It also showed the Ultra-Instinct achieved by Goku and the god-like power of Jiren. Apart from these, the first half of the tournament also showed why the Zenos are called the God of All. The Omni-Kings hinted at what they are capable of when they erased two universes and Frost. Hit, the Legendary Assassin of Universe 6, was also eliminated in the first half. Super Warrior Earlier this month, “Dragon Ball Super” teased an image of its upcoming action toy figures that will feature the fighters in the Tournament of Power. It also teased that a new Super Warrior is coming with one of the action figures shown in a blackout silhouette. The talks about the new warrior in the tournament have been incessant as this could be an...