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'The Dark Tower' trailer release

The release of 'The Dark Tower' trailer has fans excited to see how the movie adaptation is going to handle this fan favorite book series.
After much anticipation, the trailer for "The Dark Tower" movie was finally released. This shocked some readers, as it probably should have been released on the 19th to play into the supernatural re-appearance of the number 19, but most fans are just glad to finally see it. The trailer that was leaked back in October 2016 had some rough edges, and left many unanswered questions. It was neat to see some of the more polished footage from the film. 'The Dark Tower' series The basis for the film is the seven-book series written by Stephen King; eight if you include "Wind Through the Key Hole." It was an epic that some people had to wait for, book by book, as King took his time releasing the last three volumes. It follows Roland through the desert, on an adventure to save the beams and ascend the tower. This tower, the Dark Tower, is the central nexus of the universe, and the beams are what hold it up. On the way to the tower, Roland is joined by several interesting characters, and his...