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'Rick and Morty' canceled? Delayed Season 3 may be the last

Rumor has it that 'Rick and Morty' might really be doomed if the show's creators can't figure out a way to get along.
"Rick and Morty" fans have been waiting impatiently for Season 3 of the Adult Swim show to resume. We were treated to the Season 3 premiere on April Fool's Day as a surprise and haven't seen a new episode since. Details regarding the hold upon the rest of Season 3 have been scarce. with promise's that the season would make the rest of its debut in the summer. As Blasting News previously reported, with the social media announcement that "Rick and Morty" would resume Season 3 during the summer, many fans figured that maybe a "second premiere" might take place at some point in July. After all, the Adult Swim series began near the end of July in 2015. Oftentimes shows will premiere their new seasons around the same time each year. What's the hold up on 'Rick and Morty'? There have been rumors that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland just can't seem to see eye to eye regarding the direction that "Rick and Morty" is taking. That is why many fans think that Season 3 has seen such a huge delay...