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Pros, Cons of WWE 'Greatest Royal Rumble' event

The event card is stacked, even though it will be missing the women's division.
A very special WWE event, "Greatest Royal Rumble," will air live on the WWE Network at 12 PM ET on Friday, April 27. It will emanate from the King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. There will be a one-hour pre-show at 11 AM ET. Reports by Wrestling Inc provided most of the information used in this article. With this year's superstar shake-up complete, this event is the next thing to look forward to on the WWE calendar. Ordinarily, "WrestleMania," which just took place on April 8, is considered to be the biggest show of the year for the sports-entertainment company. The "Road to WrestleMania" is a phrase often used on WWE programming to build up matches. The time period begins at the annual "Royal Rumble," which takes place at the end of January each year, and culminates at the biggest stage. This year, with WWE announcing the "Greatest Royal Rumble" event would take place just weeks after "The Granddaddy of Them All," the script flipped, with the match card for...