"Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood claims she is up for having more kids on a couple of conditions. Amber Portwood claims she wants more babies, despite all the legal issues she has continues to have with her exes. Amber claims that even though she has problems with her daughter Leah's dad, Gary Shirley, and her son James' dad Andrew Glennon she wants more babies.

First, she claims she has to find the right guy to father her next child saying she definitely wants more children. However, the next baby daddy has to want to be a caregiver and "like to take care of people just as much as I do," states Amber.

Portwood remained unclear as to whether she has any new men in her life at this time who could fill the bill.

Amber Portwood reveals what it will take to be her next baby daddy

She also states the next father of her child has to be willing to do things 50/50. Portwood claims she has never had that type of relationship in the past. But it is a very important factor in any upcoming relationship.

More children may be in Amber Portwood's plans but for now, she needs to clear up current issues with both of her exes. Amber recently filed a restraining order against her son's dad Andrew Glennon to prevent him from interfering with her visitation with baby James.

Portwood continues battling issues with exes

She also has major issues with Leah's dad Gary Shirley and his wife Kristen. Portwood claims Gary and his wife are "liars" and "two-faced." The former couple got into a massive argument following a Season 9 "Teen Mom OG" episode where they referred to Amber as their "teenage daughter." Needless to say, Portwood did not take too kindly to Gary's remarks and it fired up a new set of problems between them causing a strain in their co-parenting relationship.

Amber claims she has had a lot going on in her life, but her main focus is to be a great mom to her kids. When speaking of her children, the reality star mom of two revealed that Leah, 12, has been very curious about her mom's past. She has been "coming at" Amber with a lot of questions about her past, especially the time she spent in prison.

Amber claims she must fess up about her past to her daughter Leah

Portwood reveals she is willing to answer all of her daughter's questions, but it is going to be some tough conversations. She stated she will need to find the right words to explain all of her past struggles with drugs, and about getting abusive towards Shirley. We just hope Amber is able to explain her past situations in a way Leah will understand at this point in her life.

As to whether or not Amber will have this hard conversation with Leah in the near future remains unclear. Hopefully Amber will be able to smooth out her past relationships with her children's fathers before moving on to start another branch of her family.

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