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Clowns And The Human Form: Interview with artist Robert Sites

Robert Sites discusses the inspirations behind his paintings which feature the human body, pets, and clowns.
The human figure is a big source of inspiration for Robert Sites, an artist based in Norfolk, Virginia. Robert is inspired by the human body and the art style of 1950s pinup, circus, and sideshow posters. Occasionally depicting his pets in his art, Robert’s work has been displayed in many museums, galleries, and fairs. Robert immensely enjoys putting a modern flair on a vintage style and recently discussed the process via an exclusive interview. Artwork, the human form, posters, and pets Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you first get interested in becoming an artist and why is the human form such a big inspiration of yours? Robert Sites (RS): I’ve always been interested in art. My parents encouraged me by giving me charcoal and charcoal paper when I was seven- when most kids were getting crayons and finger paint. I’ve come to painting the nude human figure in a round-about way. In undergraduate school, I was a design major and was interested in illustration, but made abstract...