The interview on Sunday featuring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey exposed some juicy information behind why the prince and his wife decided to part ways with the royal family. The interview took place in a beautiful outdoor scene in Santa Barbara County.

Oprah asked all the right questions as the three sat outside in lovely wicker patio chairs. Did you know the company made the chairs of a former 70's star?

'Brady Bunch' star Christopher Knight's company designed the chairs

Knight played Peter Brady on the 70s family sitcom. Since his time on the famous show, Knight has taken up a passion for home furniture design.

The patio chairs are called 'The Burchette Outdoor Club' chairs, and they have a wicker base.

His company is called Christopher Knight Home, and they feature both indoor and outdoor furnishings.

What Knight has been up to since 'The Brady Bunch' ended

Knight took part in the latest Brady endeavor, a miniseries called "A Very Brady Renovation." The series aired on HGTV and featured seven episodes of the former cast members coming together to renovate the actual home the show was based on. HGTV bought the home for $3.5 million.

The former star created his furniture company in November 2012. The brand was established by furniture industry veterans and talented designers, per the company website. They also state that they have grown to become a leader in online sales for indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Knight took to social media to talk about the now-famous chairs

On the company's Instagram page with nearly 20,000 followers, Knight discussed the experience of watching the chairs from his collection appear in the interview.

He wrote, "I am honored to have the patio chairs from my collection become the seat of the fascinating famous sit down in recent history."

Besides, he joked that Meghan and Prince Harry got "Knighted in a way never anticipated."

Knight was honest in mentioning that he was not the actual designer of the chairs, although he was previously stated.

Knight finished his message by showing gratitude to his business partners who helped delivered the line of furniture. The company shared a similar message on its Facebook page. The brand's Facebook page has over 15,000 likes.

Are the chairs available on sale?

Knight's furniture line is available on various shopping websites.

However, the chairs seem in very high demand. Unfortunately, the wicker patio chairs are completely sold out on all platforms. After the chairs debuted on the interview, they sold out quickly on all websites. Nothing like some good old royal promotion to get your brand out there, it seems.