The coronation of Prince Charles and Camilla would take place within a year of Charles's accession to the throne. Plans for the event have been labeled as Operation Golden Orb. The crowning would be a major event for the whole of Britain, but it would be a low-key affair and the coronation would be side by side. That is what the Prince of Wales has in mind, according to the Daily Mail. It would be a scaled down service at Westminster Abbey, significantly shorter and less costly compared to that of his mother in 1953. The guest list would be a short one and many Celebrities might not be there.

There would also be fewer members of the Royal family. As a source said: “It will be a slimmed-down Monarchy on display.”

Daily Mail says the crowning of Prince Charles and Camilla would be more representative of different community groups and faiths. There would be changes to some aspects of the coronation in order to accommodate the concept of a modern day Britain. This would be in keeping with the changed global scenario. However, it will continue to be an Anglican service. Incidentally, it was back in 1937 when the crowning of a Queen Consort took place for the last time. That was when the Queen’s mother Elizabeth sat alongside King George VI.

Prince Charles and Camilla married in 2005

The Queen marked 70 years of service this month.

She would be turning 96 in April and would have the distinction of becoming the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. She ascended the throne in 1953 at Westminster Abbey. That was after her father King George VI passed away the previous year. Millions of people sat glued to their TV sets to watch the ceremony or listened to the commentary of the proceedings on the radio.

Mirror UK goes on to add that recently, the Queen showered praise on her daughter-in-law. She also disclosed that she wants to see her become Queen Consort. In 2005, Prince Charles married Camilla and at that time, Camilla had said she would become Princess Consort rather than Queen Consort.

The title of Queen Consort for Camilla was a deep honor for Prince Charles as well

At the beginning of February, the Queen announced that Camilla would get the title of Queen Consort once Prince Charles becomes King. Royal commentators described it as a well-deserved recognition following years of loyalty and hard work. In the words of the Prince, it was a deep honor for both of them. Camilla is now 74 and she came into the Royal Family 17 years ago. Over the years, she has molded herself into the role of a senior royal. In the initial stages, she was a controversial figure. A section of the people had blamed her for the end of the first marriage of Prince Charles to Princess Diana.

Charles often appears more relaxed when he has Camilla by his side

Camilla has been involved in various activities like extending support to literacy charities, animal welfare and organizations that help victims of domestic abuse. She has also been outspoken on different types of violence against women. In her childhood, she loved ponies. During the pandemic, she started an Instagram-based book club. Moreover, she is an addict of a serial drama on radio and she feels bad when there is a disruption of episodes during COVID. In the opinion of many royal commentators, Prince Charles often appears more relaxed when he has Camilla by his side. She spoke about her love of her grandchildren and missing them during lockdown.