BetterUp is a mental health startup, and Prince Harry is one of its influential members. During his first appearance of the year, he interacted on a virtual panel with CEO Alexi Robichaux and the tennis great Serena Williams. She happens to be a close friend of Meghan Markle. Speaking on occasion, he told firms that they should allow employees to concentrate on themselves. He said from his mansion in California. It is in an area frequented by Celebrities. He and his wife Meghan have several endorsements deals with different companies. During the talks, Harry mentioned suffering from "burnout" and said that it is important to take a break occasionally for "inner work." On the subject of employers, Prince Harry pointed out that in order to allow the employees to work on themselves, they should get the necessary time to do that.

Harry explained that life is about learning and one has to learn from ones surroundings. The individual's age is irrelevant because lessons are there at every step. Even when there is something terrible, there is a message. It says: "Next time it happens, I'm going to be more resilient and can see a way around it to achieve the ultimate goal." So it was last year Harry joined BetterUp as Chief Impact Officer in California.

Harry receives a salary from BetterUp

Some people feel their mindset does not match with their jobs. They do not enjoy being in such jobs. Some time back, Harry had advised people in this category to quit such jobs and go in for something that can be "celebrated." He himself had stepped down from royal duties nearly two years back.

It probably reflected his mindset. He and Meghan came from different cultures. He was from the British royalty; she was an American actor. Both were young and had seen life up close. Harry flew helicopters in Afghanistan, and Meghan acted in a TV drama, "Suits." Their wedding drew global attention, but they left the royal environment and moved out to the United States.

Harry's interview with Serena Williams came months after he disclosed his suggestion. If someone does not enjoy being in a job, he should quit. Daily Mail UK says the involvement of BetterUp includes public advocacy related to mental health apart from product strategy and philanthropy. Harry receives a salary from BetterUp, but there is no disclosure of details.

Its CEO Alexi described Prince Harry as "one of the bravest advocates for mental fitness."

Prince Harry said he experienced burn out

In order to make his point of view, he said that people blame lack of time for attending to inner work. However, Harry disagrees. He explains that one has to build resilience when the chips are down. He said it has to start from the individual on mental health, and the road is not smooth. Incidentally, Meghan and Serena have been close friends since 2014. The tennis star attended the wedding of Harry and Meghan, and she holds Meghan in high esteem.

Regular meditation is required to maintain mental health, says Harry

Prince Harry talked about experiencing burnout, and he requires daily meditation to maintain his mental health.

He made these remarks during a live stream hosted by BetterUp. Serena Williams was also in the discussion. She revealed that they talked long, and he has become her "coach." Harry admitted that he had to focus on his family life because he is a husband and a father of two kids. His kids are Archie and Lilibet. Hence, finding the time for "self-care" was not easy, but he extracted it. BetterUp charges about $250 per month for one-to-one coaching sessions, and Harry is its chief impact officer.