Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left their marks on the younger generation of Britain. A survey conducted by Stem4 has confirmed this. This is a charity that promotes positive mental health in teenagers. The survey consisted of a group of 1,032 individuals whose age was between 13 and 25. There is no doubt about the fact that Queen Elizabeth is the “most respected” Royal.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle followed her while Prince William and Kate Middleton were third. The Independent UK reports that the voters admired Harry and Meghan because “they are brave and resilient, and even when things go wrong, they carry on.”

Dr Nihara Krause is the founder and CEO at Stem4.

She explained that to earn the respect of today's youth, one need not have a fortune or be good-looking. What matters are bravery, resilience, and compassion for others and nature. Dr Nihara Krause added that these qualities define acceptability by the younger generation. Meghan has written “The Bench,” a book for children inspired by a poem she penned for Prince Harry.

Meghan and Harry welcomed their daughter into the world

The founder and CEO of Stem4 has outlined the qualities that set apart one individual from another. The Queen shares those qualities with others on the list. This news comes soon after there was an addition to the family of Meghan and Harry. It was in the form of a daughter.

The Independent UK says the newborn was their second child. They named her Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. She was born at a hospital in Santa Barbara, California. That is home to Celebrities, and the couple has a mansion there. The two of them stepped down from royal duties and arrived in America. At the time, coronavirus had struck, and they faced plenty of restrictions.

In April 2020, Meghan and Harry distributed food to the needy in Los Angeles.

Britain’s youth love Meghan and Harry better than William and Kate

According to Mirror UK, Harry and Meghan have overtaken other senior members of the royal family to become the next most respected member after the Queen. The survey was conducted among around 1,000 teenagers and young adults.

Obviously, the media backlash on the royal couple did not have any apparent effect on the youngsters. This could be because both Harry and Meghan are young and can relate easily to the youth. Before her marriage to Harry, Meghan was an American actor in the popular TV drama “Suits.” After entering the Royal family, she embraced the new lifestyle. However, somewhere down the line, something snapped. The two of them decided to step down from royal duties and embark on a new journey. It is interesting to note that the positive results for the couple came despite the continued attacks on them by a section of the media. In September last year, Harry and Meghan went to a school in Los Angeles and planted forget-me-nots because Princess Diana loved those flowers.

Meghan and Harry faced tension in the family

Respect is something that cannot be demanded. It comes automatically depending on how others feel about an individual. In the case of Harry and Meghan, they have been in the glare of the media for a long time. They quit their lives as senior royals in March last year. They wanted financial independence and decided to move out to America. Meghan and Harry have concluded a deal for their first TV series with Netflix. Later, they had opened their hearts out in the by-now-famous interview with Oprah Winfrey. Mirror UK adds the couple discussed various aspects of their lives in the royal family during the interview. That did not go down well with some members of the family.

Incidentally, Prince William and brother Harry could meet to unveil their mother Diana's statue in July. It would be an event to commemorate what would have been the 60th birthday of the Princess of Wales.