The Travel-starved world is eagerly waiting for the reopening of international borders post Coronavirus pandemic. Once that becomes a reality, all those associated with the travel sector can regroup with renewed vigor. Airlines are already gearing up to handle the sudden surge that is bound to happen once COVID-19 restrictions cease to exist. Delta Air Lines is one of these. Its CEO Ed Bastian says: "There will be lines, unfortunately." He adds that reorganizing would take time, and things are going to be "a bit sloppy at first." He made these comments at a conference hosted by the U.S.

Travel Association.

On November 8, non-U.S. citizen travelers from some specific countries can enter the U.S. provided they have proof of vaccination. Until now, this applied to only U.S. citizens. The volume of traffic is already approaching pre-pandemic levels, and that is a positive trend. President Joe Biden announced the travel reopening on October 15. He had mentioned the improved position on the availability of vaccines. A media report of May said COVID-19 had paralyzed the travel scenario, and airlines were keen to resume transatlantic flights.

Preparations are on to reopen international travel

The White House wants the airlines' staff to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring only genuine vaccinated passengers board the flights.

They must also check out whether the vaccine received is following the standards set by the CDC. There will be an exception for some unvaccinated, non-U.S. citizen adults. They would be permitted to enter the country under certain specific categories. There is an exception also for participants of COVID-19 clinical trials. That authorization is available for three vaccines for use in the United States.

Australia has already eased restrictions on international travel and shelved requirements of quarantine.

Opening up of the skies will boost travel

Ever since coronavirus struck, the global community forgot the charms of being in the air. Travel is gradually picking up, and that is a favorable sign. There is a decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

The proclamation of President Joe Biden will undo some of the previous COVID-19 travel bans. These include the ban from China, instituted by former President Donald Trump. It happened before the declaration of the World Health Organization that the coronavirus was pandemic.

The industry expects a significant increase in domestic and international holiday air travel

According to Reuters, an official of Homeland Security indicated possibilities of a significant increase in domestic and international holiday air travel. He is Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and he said: "I think we're going to be equipped to handle what we hope to be a real surge in holiday traffic." Airlines are taking action to cater to such a situation.

President Joe Biden has signed an order. It imposes new vaccine requirements for most foreign national air travelers. It also withdraws severe travel restrictions on China, India, and much of Europe, effective November 8. As a result, those missing the pleasures of flying can return to the pre-pandemic era. Tour operators and others who have links with the tourism sector can also breathe easily.