Four days of temperatures in the 90s forced residents of New York City to control the usage of electricity. An alert is in place advising New Yorkers to reduce the consumption of power. They have to restrict usage of electrical appliances like air conditioners, washers, dryers, microwaves, etcetera. The emergency alert is for all households and businesses. Imposing limits on energy usage could prevent power outages. Officials say this is the first time New York City resorted to such an alert. The city is on the fourth consecutive day of high temperatures and humidity.

New York Times quotes Mayor Bill de Blasio saying - “We are not used to seeing many days in a row of unbroken heat.” He explained that the utility that operates the city’s power grid has cautioned about possible power outages in case of excessive use. Hence, there is a need to control consumption. The Mayor also added that city officials want New Yorkers to realize the seriousness and ensure that the situation does not deteriorate. In May, there were reports that New York City would reopen post coronavirus by July 1

Lives in disarray in New York City

Normal lives in New York City are disturbed by the heatwave. The authorities advise residents to use utmost care while handling electrical appliances.

There are resentments in certain sections of society. They feel the suggestion to cut back on the air conditioning when temperatures are high needs review. An alternative could be to reduce energy usage in public places like Times Square. New York Times says a spokesman for Con Edison described the ups and downs of the electrical activity on the grid.

The requirement fluctuates, and right now, the demand is excessive. Climate change has worsened the situation, and major cities in the United States face difficulties during power failures. These have happened in the past. Back in 2003, there was an extensive power outage. It led to chaos with the evacuation of office buildings.

Travel came to a standstill, and innumerable commuters were stranded—moreover, the heat affected the health of many. Later, in July 2019, loss of power left more than 72,000 customers trapped in subway cars and elevators. Last year, New York City had to cope with a winter storm and widespread blackout. Those who have provisions for Renewable Energy can breathe easily.

New York City mayor wants people to cut down on electricity

According to ABC7 NY, Mayor Bill de Blasio mentioned the heat emergency and the need for New Yorkers to reduce electricity use. He said - "LaGuardia temp 98 degrees has set a record. We have a real challenge on our hands.” He added that reducing the use of electricity in homes or businesses would help avoid any disruption.

New York Times revealed traffic lights going on the blink and residents being left without air conditioning in some locations. There was also a fire in a power line. It left many customers powerless. Incidentally, tourism in New York City is hit hard by a coronavirus, and its recovery could take at least five years.

De Blasio assured New Yorkers normalcy would return soon

The heatwave forced the residents of New York City to sacrifice some comfort so that the difficult period can pass. Con Edison requested customers to conserve energy during the heatwave. The utility introduced voltage reduction in certain areas to lessen the load on the grid. ABC7 NY says this voltage reduction affected about 64,000 customers.

The company also suggested those with two air conditioners could consider using one. It also said the heat coupled with intense humidity puts the electric delivery equipment under pressure. New Yorkers have to put in a concerted effort to emerge from the power outage unscathed. It is attributed to a heatwave that could be a result of climate change.