This time homecoming for Harry might be a lonely affair. It is possible that his wife, Meghan, and son Archie would not be there to give him company. They will be in California, where they own a mansion in Santa Barbara frequented by Celebrities. Archie's absence will be a disappointment for the royal family members who would love to have him among them. In June, Harry's programs include the 100th birthday celebrations of Prince Philip alongside the Trooping of Colour. Next month, it will be the unveiling of a statue in memory of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace.

She was William and Harry's mother. The reason for Meghan to remain absent has no relevance to hard feelings in the family. She says it is because of "personal and practical" reasons. Harry and Meghan had stepped down from royal duties last year in their quest for financial independence. In June 2020, Meghan and Harry signed with an agency to be on the speaking circuit. They have also inked a lucrative deal with Netflix and are believed to have many more projects lined up. They are young and are aware of their strengths, which they are keen to exploit.

Page Six quotes a source saying an element of uncertainty remains because of coronavirus's unpredictable nature and risks. The source adds Harry could come back alone, given the COVID-19 situation.

It is a personal and practical decision by the couple. It would help officials circumvent any possible tricky situation.

Harry and Meghan welcome to attend family events

Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and gained an entry into the royal family. She is an American actor who appeared in the TV legal drama "Suits." Meghan came from a different culture.

She had to learn many new things associated with royal etiquette and unlearn many more. Within a short time, she won over those around her, and the Queen had a soft corner for Meghan. However, she and Harry decided to step down from royal duties and relocated to America with their son Archie. Page Six said when they left, Her Majesty made it clear that they were part of her own family and would always be welcome to attend family events.

The family would love to see Archie, who was six months old when they left.

Distance between Harry and some family members

Page Six makes a mention of a distance between Harry and other members of the family, especially his elder brother William. They have a difference of opinion on some issues. The gap appears to be closing because Meghan had sent greetings and gifts to Kate on her birthday in January. When Harry arrives, it would be the first time he would meet up with his family since early March when they decided to move out. There would be several important family events lined up for him. He would probably stay at Frogmore Cottage at Windsor. It is his and Meghan's base in the UK.

Harry would probably make the trip alone

According to Express UK, as a part of the agreement under the Megxit deal, there would be a 12-month review with the Palace in March. However, indications are that Meghan might not accompany her husband. Those in the know add that the travel plans would depend on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic status. Harry is keen to return to the UK to attend his family's "big birthdays." These are of The Queen and Prince Philip. The entry of Meghan might pose problems for some, and there is a feeling that her presence would overshadow the occasion. The focus might shift to Meghan. She would be welcome, but it would be a temporary relief for the royal family if she does not.

Royal commentator, Daniela Elser, said - "On a personal level, everyone from the Queen down would surely be thrilled to have Harry, Meghan, and perhaps even Archie back." Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already set their new targets for 2021.